Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have totally missed blogging! For real. It just seems like ever since we got to Bama we have been going non stop and I barely have time to think about blogging much less do it. My mom is an on the go kinda person and she pretty much runs non stop from the time she takes my brothers to school until we crash around 10pm! I don't mind, it can be fun, for the time being. But I do realize how much I relish my everyday simple routine. My working out has lacked greatly while I've been here, I'm not beating myself up too bad over though because I know I'll get right back into it once I'm home. I'm hopefully going to be starting a new workout program in March and I can't wait!!! March is so close and we have my hubby's birthday and then my sweet little munckin's 4th birthday. I have done plenty of mental planning but non of it has gone into action just yet! When I get home, starting Monday, I have a long list of things to accomplish.....

We ended up staying in Bama longer then we had originally planned. Things got changed around, as they usually do with my family and so here we are. I'm not complaining, I have really enjoyed spending time with them but I will admit I'm ready to get home. I miss my husband terribly and like I said before I miss my daily routine.

But I thought I would share a few photos with you from the past several days....we've done some fun stuff and I haven't gotten pictures of it all but here are a few. Oh, and I'm feeling better this morning! Hooray. It's raining here, and I hate the rain but I think we are headed out again for most of the day!!! Phew.

(My mom took us to a lovely little local place to eat the other
day called Cafe' Olivia. It's named after the owner's daughter,
who is adopted from China! Really yummy and quaint and
I had my first Izze drink while I was there. Delicious!)

(We met my Nana the other day for lunch at Applebee's. Not
my favorite place but it'll do in a pinch.
Gianna enjoyed drinking ranch dressing from her
little dish! Silly girl!

(Monday night my Mom and I took an art class with my aunt
and cousin. It was a lot of fun although I'm most
certainly NOT artistic! But this was my painting
starting from the beginning and going as we added
layers. The end result wasn't bad but I'm not putting up
the original for you to compare mine too!! Lol!)

(Yeah, I'm on a sandal kick although it's still February.
I found some good deals and couldn't pass them up.
The awesome thing about Target is, I can wear the kids shoes!
They have great looks but I get them for almost half the price.
In the middle of one of my newest and favorite pieces of
jewelry - my owl on the moon. Isn't he precious?!

(I've have also been contemplating starting my own Etsy shop
for quite awhile now and I think I'm going to do it!
My mom and I started working on some of the
ideas I had to make and put in the shop.
We got all our materials together
yesterday and I made these last night.
I'm quite pleased and I'm excited to try a few more
ideas today!
I have a name for my shop but I'm not sharing just yet,
don't want to spoil it just in case I go with a different

But give me feedback - let me know if you think my
creations are sellable, what you would pay for them
and if you like them at all!!!
I'll post more once they are made!


  1. so cool! and if you DO decide to go the etsy route, a giveaway could be cool. hint hint ;) PS: thanks for your sweet comment! i loved it. blogger envy can get crazy but meeting new peeps kinda rock so: on we go:)

  2. i am jealous of your sandal wearing ways! i want to break mine out so bad but it's like -12 degrees here :)