Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh, for the love of....., friends, Chinese food, shopping and pedicures!!! That's what our day consisted of yesterday. We went to church, had lunch at an insanely huge Chinese buffet and after that my dad graciously watched Bug while me, my mom and my little sis (who was in town visiting too!) could go have some "girl time". We ran by a few stores - I picked Bug up an adorable outfit at Target because they have some of THE cutest kids clothes and another pair of sandals for me. I'm slowly starting to build my Spring/Summer wardrobe. It's easier if I do it a little at a time rather then go out and try to buy it all at once. And since the weather has been rather lovely here in Bama wearing sandals with a cute cardigan (like this perfecting striped one I'm wearing below!) isn't out of the question!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this striped cardigan - it's cute, sassy and the colors are fun!
I generally go for black or grey but this time I went for purple and white!
And with orange sandals yesterday I was quite the colorful shopper!

We went for pedi's - had quite a time finding a nice place open on
a Sunday afternoon. But we found one, thank God, because our
feet were in desperate need after a super dry winter
stuffed in socks and boots!

It was my mom and my sister's first EVER pedicure!
I think they were pleased with them.
I do wish they would slow down a little,
I always feel like they are rushing to get me done
even if there is no one waiting after me!
But my legs and feet are blissfully soft,
and my toes are a lovely
chocolate brown!

Yes, you can be jealous of my uber adorable sandals!
$13 at Ross? Yes, please!
I'm fashionable on a budget people - I find good deals
and I wear them proudly.
I guarantee I look just as nice (or maybe better! Hehe!) then
the people who spend a small fortune on their clothes.
But I am in love with these sandals
and I can't wait for it to be warm enough to wear them
with an adorable sundress and a cute hat (which I got one of those too,
I'll have to show you later!)

We are off in a bit to hit up some great thrift stores.
I love looking for bargains and great finds at thrift stores.....
I've gotten Bug some great stuff there - like almost new Nike sneakers.
Don't knock a bargain till you try it!

For now I'm off to make myself miserable for 30 minutes by running on the
treadmill. Goodness, I miss my Insanity dvd's!!!


  1. NEVER had a pedi before?! mercy. Girls + pedis = magic

  2. Oh, I know!!! I didn't realize it was my mom's first until afterwards and she mentioned it. I was like WHAT?!!! I've only had a few but when I do have them they are amazing and totally worth the money!

  3. Sounds like such a wonderful day!! I am in desperate need of a pedi!! Perhaps this weekend I will treat myself. I hope that you have a wonderful day!!
    Take care lovely!