Saturday, February 19, 2011

What A Day!!!!

We have had quite the day! It's been great but long and quite exhausting......I feel like I've been up forever, of course the fact that we went to bed at 1am last night and got up at 7am probably has something to do with that! I don't do late nights, I'm an early to bed and early to rise kinda gal. But last night we had cupcakes to ice and I had to make a tutu for my cousin to wear at her 4th birthday party today. Plus my sis was there, we stayed in a hotel last night and it just seemed an occasion to stay up late and laugh! Totally worth it!

The party was quite a hit - there were loads of kids there and my cousin was happy. We had too many cupcakes but that's Ok. After the party was over and everyone cleared out my sis and I hit up Accessory City and Ross - I picked up a few cute things including some amazing owl jewelry. If I've forgotten to tell you I will tell you now.....I am obsessed with owl jewelry! Don't know why but I love it!!! Owl earrings, owl necklaces, etc. Can't get enough of it!

Tomorrow we have church and then I think my mom and my sis and I are going to go get pedicures! Hooray! I need one badly especially since it's starting to warm up a little and we'll be breaking out the sandals oh-so soon! I always keep my toenails painted but sometimes it's nice to just relax and let someone else do them for a change.

Monday our plan is to go thrifting (H'ville has LOADS of great thrift stores) and eat at a cute little cafe near by! I'll have to snap some pictures of my lovely items I got today and let you have a peak and then if I find anything good on Monday I'll share that too!

But for now enjoy a few pictures from our day!

(The lovely cupcakes! My sis, the photographer, loved
this shot so I'm quite proud of it!)

(Ms. Ava's "Ice Cream Parlor")

(The birthday girl and Bug playing with the bubbles!)

(My lovely mother making paper ice cream "cones")

(My sweet girl serving up some ice cream!)

(Just me.)

(My beyond adorable, oh-so-super-sweet, perfectly delightful,
uber funny cousin, Glavin! I could just eat him up!!!)

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  1. Alaythea!! I didn't know you were in Alabama today!! Eeep! Yes, the weather was GORGEOUS all weekend...hope you got to enjoy it! The party looks so fun!!

    & when you say thrifting in H'ville, is that Huntsville, by chance? That is where I am from!! :)