Saturday, February 5, 2011

An Untitled Post

So I won't bore you with the boring details (or lack of!) of our day.
It was Saturday - the Hubs got up and went to golf
with some friends today despite the rain
and freezing cold!
True golfers are nuts, they'll play in anything, I swear!
Bug and I stayed home and did stuff around the house......
Then we had dinner over at the in-laws house.
And that sums up our exciting Saturday!

Tomorrow we'll head to church in the morning,
grab some stuff for the Super Bowl "get together"
and then cheer on the Packers!!!
I don't know that I own anything green or yellow
but we'll be cheering non the less!
Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday, peeps!


  1. Happy Weekend, pretty lady!

    Lovely pictures, as always. :) And you are right about those dad is one, and he's out there playing rain or shine.

    p.s. Go Steelers. ;)

  2. I feel like my hubby and I are the ONLY people pulling for the Packers this time around. I personally don't think I know anyone else other then my dad pulling for them....honestly though I wouldn't mind seeing either team win. I like them both but if I had to pick I'll go with the Packers first! And Happy weekend to you too!!!