Friday, February 4, 2011

A Day in the Rain

It was one heck of a nasty day out today! I'm pretty sure it rained non stop all day long. And not just drizzle but serious rain. But we didn't let that stop us enjoying a day out! We were afraid the roads might be a little icy because it got pretty cold last night but by lunch time when we left it was nothing but really wet. I worked out and got Bug and I cleaned up and ready to go, practiced piano for a bit and just took our time this morning.....we left around lunch time and went through the drive through at Taco Bell because it was so nasty and Bug was already asleep - something about riding in the car puts her out! It never fails that she takes some sort of nap when we ride somewhere. But since I don't make her nap at home it all works out! Once we grabbed some lunch we headed over to an indoor bounce place called Kidz Play. It's a huge building full of all those huge blow up slides and bounce houses. For $5 your kid can spend as long as they want bouncing like mad and totally burning up all that pent up energy these long winter days have stored up. Bug was so thrilled! I actually took her the other day and although they were "open" all the bounce houses were down for maintenance. Needless to say I left with a very disappointed child and lots of promises to come back soon so she could play. And this seemed like the perfect day......

She really did have so much fun and all those smiles and laughs made our day much sunnier! After all that running and bouncy she was a very quiet and relaxed little munchkin on the ride out of town to the mall......
We browsed the mall - we told Bug we would buy her something while we were there. Her instant request? Cotton Candy. Yes. We told her we'd try to find some. We lucked out at a candy store and a pre packaged bag of cotton candy. She was slightly bummed it wasn't on a little paper cone stick like you get at the fair or the circus but she claimed it was the yummiest ever. It's so easy to please a three year old, well, most of the time!

We stopped for an early dinner at Outback - on the weekends it's best to go about 4 or 4:30pm when they first open up. Then you walk right in and sit right down (baby, let your hair hang down....sorry, just had too! lol!). I like to sit in the "lounge" area near the bar. The booths are higher and feel a little more private than the other tables. My steak was perfection, of course, it's Outback! It's funny because growing up I always ate my steak well done, then in my teen years I moved to medium-well. When I started dating, and then later married, my husband he let me know that was ruining a good piece of meat and talked me into moving on up to medium. He eats his medium rare and I didn't think I'd ever go that far! But lately I've found that medium just seems to done for me, even at Outback. So I've moved on up to Medium-rare now! After that we set out on the journey home, made a quick stop at Wal-Mart for some essentials (it's amazing how quickly you go through food when you are eating right - it's hard to keep fruit and veggies in the house and protein bars!), and then our final stop - home sweet home.

Bug is in love with smoothies lately - I got her hooked! I usually try to make her one in the morning and I sneak in spinach and fiber powder. She never notices. But sometimes she wants one as a snack at night instead and she likes to "help" me make them so no sneaking spinach into those! (And don't you just LOVE her adorable jammies?!!! Thanks, Old Navy!)

(Sweet Bug! Lol! Sticking her tongue out when I told her to
smile, still cute though!)

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