Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Don't hate me....

So yeah, I know I keep promising blogs and they aren't happening.
I ended up staying in Bama three days longer then I had
planned. My mom has kept me crazy busy and by like
9:30pm I am completely exhausted and can't even begin to
think about editing and saving pictures, posting them in
order, putting captions on them or making any
sense what so ever. I really did plan to blog
last night but when I sat down at the computer it's like
my eyes wouldn't stay open. So I crawled into bed and
promptly fell asleep.
I woke up sick.
My brothers had a little touch of a virus a couple of days ago,
it lasted less then 24 hours and then they were fine.
Bug ran a fever day before yesterday but
a dose of Tylenol and she was fine too.
Mine has last all day so far.
It kinda comes and goes.
For a minute I feel like I have the flu,
I sleep a bit and then feel fine for awhile,
then I start feeling crappy again.....
So tonight I'm going to bed early....

I have started working on some headband creations.
I've had some ideas for awhile and figured I could
do it. I waited till I got to Bama so that
my mom could help me a bit (she has every
crafty thing you can imagine!).
I got two done tonight and I'm pretty pleased with them
seeing they are my first two.
I have some perfecting to do and a few more
ideas to try out but so far so good.
If I like how it's going and enjoy it enough
I may try to start an Etsy shop.
I have a name idea.....
But we'll see.
I can be crafty but I'm not very artsy.
My mom says the difference is,
crafty people can take an idea and copy it,
an artsy person comes up with the
idea to begin with.

I think I'm crafty.

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