Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Worst Blogger Award!

(Too funny not to share!)

I'm pretty sure I should get the "worst blogger" award. My blogging has been so behind and I've had several lovely blog ideas that I just haven't had a chance to sit down and put together for you. I still haven't had a chance to share my wonderful thrift store finds that I got the other day. It was quite a successful outing!

Like I shared before my weekend didn't go off as great as I hoped and then the week started out with a trip to the dentist for Bug yesterday and then my sis and mom are in town for a few days. My little sister is turning 18 and we are having a sister "date" out tomorrow, I think. It's quite interesting when you get all three of us girls together (ages 24, 21 and almost 18!). We are all SO different. My 21 yr old sis and I are both married now. I've been married to 5 1/2 years, she's been married a few months and my 18 yr old sis says that having a boyfriend or getting married is WAY down on her list of things to do. Too much trouble she says! I tend to have more in common with my 18 yr old sis, D then I do my other sister, C. Although I love them both dearly. I'm looking forward to getting out - my mom is going to spend some quality time with Bug while we are gone. I know she misses her alot now that they've had to move......but I promise I'll take my camera tomorrow and snap pictures of us out and about! I think we may hit up P.F. Changs! Mmmm, yummy! Self control, Alaythea, self control!

On a much less happy note, my almost 4 year old daughter has started having a crazy amount of accidents lately. Wetting the bed, wetting herself. She has had potty training down for over a year now. She never wets the bed, I never even carry changes to clothes or anything when we go out because I don't remember the last time she had an accident. Until this past week. She's wet the bed three different nights, she peed herself when she fell asleep in the car the other day and then last night we were all sitting around and she announced she needed "fresh panties" which means she's peed in them, and boy, had she peed! She had just completely emptied her bladder on the chair. I was shocked, and so angry. Needless to say, she got cleaned up and went straight to bed. Only to wake up yelling at me this morning that she once again needed fresh panties. I was nearly in tears. Since this is my first (and ONLY!)child I don't know if this is something I should expect, something that in another week or two will go back to normal or not. I don't know what's causing it. Nothing has really changed lately. Goodness, I have no idea. If any of you lovely bloggers mom wanna help me out or throw a little encouragement my way I'm totally up for it!

Yesterday we went to the dentist. Bug's dentist is over an hour drive away - she's only been one other time. They only allow one parent back with the child and so last time we went Bug had opted on her daddy going back with her. So I didn't see the place or meet the dentist or anything. This time I went alone so I took her back. Of course as soon as they called her name she burst into tears. I had talked about this, shown her books, explained everything, etc. Tried to reassure her this wasn't the doctor, he was different. He wouldn't take off her clothes or examine her, NO shots. For those of you who are new to my blog, for the past year my daughter had been dealing with kidney reflux so she's had ALOT of kidney and bladder infections, lots of trips to the doctor, lots of shots and needles and she is absolutely terrified of the doctor now or anything that resembles it. So back to the dentist, they put us three to a room - there are three stations/chairs in each room so three kids to a room. At first the two little boys in the room with us seemed fine, so I keep showing Bug they weren't scared, etc. She finally started calming down just a bit when they started to work on the 7 yr. old boy next to us, who had a loose tooth and was scared they were going to touch it so he started screaming and yelling and of course Bug flipped out again. I could have hit that little boy! Lol! But they were super nice and talked her through it, let her show them how she brushed, counted her teeth, etc. The dentist checked them out and confirmed that she has the HUGE cavity we keep trying to have filled and another tiny one in another tooth. I signed all the paperwork I needed to and as soon as the physical consent form is signed by her pediatrician they will schedule her for the filling procedure. Luckily she'll be sedated for that one!

We had lunch after that with my Mom and sis who had made it into town from AL. I ordered a chef salad with dressing on the side. It's easier to control the portions....when it came out I was SHOCKED! It was HUGE!!! I got it without cheese but kept the turkey and ham. I swear, there must have been a pound of meat on top of this salad, I wish to God I had taken a picture to share with you. I took an extra plate and dug out the lettuce and tomato under it all and used about 1/8 of the meat and took the rest home. I will say it's very frustrating when restaurant don't offer any Light or fat free dressings. I guess I need to get some packs I can carry with me. Lots of places have an oil and vinegar based dressing but I've found most of the time those have just as much fat and calories and good ole ranch which I prefer so I just use it sparingly. So far my diet is going well....this is day 3 and I'm about to work out. Hoping a good work out will get me in the right frame of mind for the rest of the day!

Sorry, there are no pictures. I was getting really good about that, I need to get back to it!!! Hopefully my next blog will be better thought out and put together!

Oh, and thanks to all my new followers! It thrills me to see that, I hope this blog is entertaining, or at least interesting on some level. Leave me comments, I love to hear from you!!! This morning I got up and I have two new followers, hooray!!!

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