Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today, tomorrow, & the likes.

Bug and I didn't manage to stay home today! Lol! I had barely been up and out of bed before my mother in law called me and asked me if I would ride with her up to Arden, NC. About a 50 minute drive. We usually go there to hit Petsmart for her cattery supplies. Today we went to meet some people who had purchased cats from her and needed to medicine for their cats.
It was kinda a half way point but she didn't want to go alone so I went.
We had to run by the vet first and after we met up with her customers we stopped by Taco Bell and had lunch. I'll admit, we probably eat there way too much but it's good food,
as far as fast food goes and I can eat fairly healthy there (hard shell beef taco!) and Bug loves it too. We just happened to be in the same area the Mister was delivering today we he was
able to stop by and have lunch with us! It was fun getting to see him mid work day.
And Bug always gets a kick out of seeing him in his delivery truck!

After that we decided to swing by a place that I've driven by a million times and thought about stopping at but have never actually done it.
It's called Needful Things Antique store. And it's HUGE! It's a large, two story building.
I'm not an antique collector or anything but I love to look at all the cool vintage stuff and see how crazy the prices are! This place had everything from the tiniest carved ivory skull (about an inch wide and an inch high and priced at $85!) to these massive carved bars and curios. It seemed everything my mother in law and I picked out had a SOLD sticker on it! I guess someone else has good taste too!
The place was endless it seemed and we spent over an hour just walking around looking, ooohhing and ahhhing and wishing!
The reason I have been interested in the place wasn't even because of the antiques or how big it was but because the name - Needful Things - is from a Stephen King book by the same title. In the book the Devil, disguised as a man, opens a store in a small town. The store is called Needful Things. He has something for everyone and a price for everything - usually not money but a trick to be played on someone else. The people in the book feel an overwhelming love, desire or need for the certain object that they are willing to do whatever in order to have it. By the end of the book "Satan" has managed to turn everyone against each other to the point of killing......
Sooooo......that was my curiosity with the place! Not that I expected to walk in and find Mr. Gaunt/Satan behind the counter but hey, ya never know! Lol!

Tomorrow I have piano lessons - I'm getting up really early so that I can get my work out in and clean up before I head out. I'm excited because last week I started learning Bella's Lullaby by Carter Burwell. One of my favorite pieces of music and not just because it was in the Twilight movie! I think it's just such a moving piece of music. We're breaking it up in sections because it's a bit above my level as of right now but I was SO eager to learn it and be able to play it. Tomorrow we'll start working on the next part......
The Mother in law offered to watch Bug tomorrow so that the Mister and I can have a date day/night! I'm very excited, even if we do nothing but get a movie and take out I would be thrilled to just get to hang out with him!
Bug loves spending time over at her Grandma's so it's a win-win situation!
If we do get to have a day together I'll make sure I snap a few pictures of me and the Mister. He's growing his hair out and so am I! I don't know why I find that so funny but I do!

The weekend is supposed to be sunny and a little warmer (think upper to mid fifties) and I'm pretty thrilled about it - even a hint of warmth would be so wonderful!

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