Friday, January 14, 2011


I'll just go ahead and put it out there - I am sick and tired of winter. Truly. I know I put a similar blog like this up not to long ago but I'm just ready for the sunshine and warmth and not having to put on layers and layers of clothes before I walk outside. Not having to build fires and keep this huge house warm. I'm tired of having white skin and dry skin - winter does horrible things to my skin!

I'm ready for the pool to be open, to wear shorts and tank tops and cute dresses. This summer will be different because we'll be gearing up for Bug going to school! She is still talking about it almost daily, she can't wait! Today we discussed school lunches. Lol! I think some people are surprised that I'm not choosing to home school Gianna especially since I was home schooled my entire life! But that may be one of my reasons for sending her, I want her to experience things I didn't get to. Not to mention I just know that I don't have what it takes to teacher her and teach her well. I don't have the knowledge or the patience! Not to mention since she's an only child I think it's very important for her to be around other kids her age. She gets bored and lonely not having anyone to play with a lot of we are going to be working on getting her registered and start adjusting to her new schedule and my new schedule! Since I'm going to hopefully be getting a job once she starts school I'm going to have to adjust to getting up really early and getting things done and most likely adjust to working out in the evenings (blah!).

But for now we are enduring the winter, the fact that it gets dark so early and the layers of clothing we seem to live in lately! We are looking forward to March since that's both the Hubs and Bug's birthday month. We think we've picked a party theme but it's subject to change between now and then! She keeps going back and forth....but we seem to always come back to a certain theme so we'll see!

Enjoy the weekend, everyone! Spend time with your kiddo's, significant other, read a good book, watch a romantic movie, go out.....just have a good one!!!

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