Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowed In!

We're snowed in, peeps! Yup! Got up around 6:30am and everything was covered in about 5-7inches of snow. It was quite lovely. Bug was so thrilled when she got up and saw it all. Of course she wanted to go out right away. But we waited until about lunch time to venture out. I worked out first - did my Insanity work out and then on top of that I did a 45 minute work out using my awesome new Nike Training App. on my iPod Touch! It's totally amazing and I'm eager to try out some of the other work outs. It shows you each move, sets a timer for you, and uses the music on your iPod for you to listen to while you work out! I love it!!!

After that we had some lunch - soup and a half sandwich for me! This kind of weather is perfect for soup! Then we put on layers and layers of clothes and headed out into the snow. Bug ha d to pee after we had been out for like 5 minutes which meant taking off all her layers and so that she could go and then re-dressing her and heading back out. We goofed off, played on the swing sets, took a walk around our huge yard and attempted to build a tiny snow man but the snow is too powdery to pack well so we gave up on that and came back inside. Bug enjoyed some hot cocoa afterwards to warm her back up.....the rest of the day we've gotten some things done around the house and laid around. The Mister didn't have to work today and most likely won't be working tomorrow either because tonight we are supposed to get freezing rain so everything is going to ice over. Not fun. I don't mind snow but ice I do mind. Looks like we may be cancelling Bug big dentist appointment on Wed. up in the mountains. We were going to have to leave at 6am to head up there but there is no way I'm getting out with the possibility of sliding all over the roads and mountain. NO WAY! She's waited this long, she can wait until next week!

So enjoy a few photos I snapped while we were out and about.....I'm going to find something hot and healthy for dinner!!!

Trying to make a snowball!

Our country casa!

Tasting the snow....silly girl!


Can't resist the slide, even if it is covered in snow!

Our frozen pool, too bad we can't ice skate on it!

Happy the snow is here!

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