Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When Life Demands A Smile!

There are times when you have to smile, or else lose your mind!
I don't claim to be a happy go lucky person,
I have great days, good days, Ok days, bad days, horrible days.
But I have ultimately learned that a smile seems
to fix a lot of things and gets you a long way.
It's not always easy, usually it's rather hard but in the end
it's the best thing for you!
I've heard a lot of people talking lately about being happy with yourself.
Just being confident in who you are.
That's all well and good but I've found that people
who constantly have to convince you they are happy
with themselves are really trying to convince themselves as well.
I am happy, for now, where I am in life.
But that doesn't mean I'm completely satisfied.
I do want more and there is nothing wrong with that.
I love being a mother to my beautiful daughter and a wife
to my amazing husband but there is more to me then just that.
I can't find my whole being wrapped up in them and who I am
when I am with them. Nor do I wish that they would find
their whole being wrapped up in me.
My husband is a musician, a golfer, a hard worker,
a friend, a father, and a son on top of being
my husband.
I do not want my daughter to be completely wrapped up
in nothing but her family. I hope she has the courage
and the confidence to step outside her comfort zone and
find friendships and relationships outside of her
People who claim happiness but are only happy when their
world is perfect are truly happy.
I believe truly happy is finding joy not only in where you are comfortable
but finding joy despite your circumstances or surroundings.
I have seen, too often, people who can only be happy when they are
in control and nothing changes.
They aren't good friends outside of their immediate family
because "you" don't fit in with their idea of perfection.
If you can't adapt to their controlling environment then
they want you gone because you remind them that outside of the little
world they've created they are not whole or perfect.
No one wants to be reminded that they need to change!
They are happiest around those they have convinced they are
perfect to. And that is no true happiness.
They don't want to be challenged, they don't want anyone
around that they are jealous of or who remind them they need to
step up.

I don't pretend I'm perfect, everyone who knows me knows that's not the
case. I have plenty I need to work on and change.
I hope and pray that when I come across someone who in my mind is
"better" then me that I don't shove them out of my life but
instead I step up to their level and perhaps challenge them on!
I appreciate greatly some ladies in my life who have
challenged me in different ways -
several have challenged me to be healthier and fitter,
others have challenged me to see myself in a better light,
still others have shown me that encouragement goes
a lot farther then "advice".
My husband has taught me that believing in your dreams
isn't silly or out of fashion.
My daughter has taught me that having a zest for life
is what keeps you young and vibrant!

I am happy!
I'm not trying to convince anyone.
I am teaching myself what happiness truly is.
And sometimes life just demands a smile!


  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful & truthful post. My favorite part? "I am teaching myself what happiness truly is." Beautifully said.

  2. Thank you for reading and commenting!!! I glad that my truthfulness encourages people sometimes.