Sunday, January 23, 2011

On the eve of Monday.....

It's the end of the weekend. I'm a little sad. It seemed to go
by so very fast this time.
I guess because most of yesterday was consumed with
worrying about Bug and her little "issue".
We finally got that "resolved" this morning, thank God!
We went to church, not the church we regularly attend,
but a small country church my Dad was speaking
at this morning.
I snapped this picture of me in the ladies room!
Lol! I know, kinda lame but I've
learned that unless I take them of myself
there won't be any photos of me!
I totally threw myself together this morning,
literally in like ten minutes I got dressed and headed out the door
because we had decided not to go and then last
minute, after Bug was taken care of, we
decided to go.
I put on my make up in the car and luckily my hair
is now long enough to put into a cute little
pony tail!
The funny thing is the days I think I look the crappiest
are the days people go out of their way to compliment me
on how I look! Never fails! Which is nice.....

After church we all (all being me, Bug, Dad, the Hubs, my sis and her Hubs!)
went out to lunch and had Chinese food. I haven't
had Chinese in forever, but we do actually have a really great
Chinese buffet in town. I was good though and didn't spoil my diet
at all! A little fried rice and some beef and broccoli and a few
orange slices. I did well! I've learned that you can't
stop dieting every time you go out to eat
or have an "occasion". If you do that you'll never ever lose
the weight you want to! Not to mention Chinese food
bloats the crap out of you anyway!
But it was good, a nice treat, and of course spending time
with family is always great.
My dad is such a great guy and he's a lot of fun to hang out with!

We made a little stop at Wal-Mart on the way home to grab a few things....
Of course, because "Pops" is in town, Bug left the store with
goodies. She was pretty pleased with her kitty cat lollipop and
striped monkey. She named them
Kitty-kitty and Monkey-monkey! Lol!
She is so spoiled by her grandparents.

I did go home and make up the work out I missed yesterday.
I did a 45 minute workout using my Nike App.
Bug gets a kick out of watching me -
"What move are you doing now, Momma?"
She likes to know the names so I recite them as I sweat and
breathe heavy -
"Back *breath* Pedal *breath*
Lateral *breath* Jumps *breath*
But I'm glad she's taking interest in it already. Occasionally
she attempts to try the moves too.

After that I cut my father in law's hair and then headed
over to my mother in law's house ( my father in law was
over at my house watching football with
my hubby and my dad!).
Bug and I visited for a bit before we headed back home,
she's in bed now and I'm headed there soon!

My dad heads home tomorrow - it's always sad to see him
go. We are going to meet my sis
for lunch before he hits the road.
After that I'm headed to the chiropractor!
My mom got me "visit" as a
gift! Lol!
Kinda like you would get someone a massage,
she got me a chiropractor appointment.
I'm rather excited because with all the heavy impact
workouts I do my back takes quite a toll.
My lower back has been "catching" lately especially when
I first get up in the morning. So hopefully
he can straighten me out!
I should be in need of a good "crack up"
after a double work out in the morning.
Yes, people, the week is about to start!

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  1. I'm a big fan of self portraits, too. & you are right, sometimes the mother never gets to be a part of the it's important to take some of yourself!

    She looks so sweet with those fun goodies!!