Sunday, January 16, 2011

Who you are....

Have you ever noticed people love to give advice but they don't like to take it? Isn't it funny how they want to give it but gosh, darn, if you were to try to give them some they'd leave in a heaping fit of madness?!!! I honestly don't mind when people give me advice if I feel like it's truly out of a good heart and true love for me as a person. But most of the time I feel like most people simply use the guise of well meaning in order to simply state their opinion or put you down. And it never fails that people choose to pick on the one thing that you've worked so hard to achieve in life. No matter how much you put it out there that it's been a struggle for you (and even though you do have wonderful people who cheer you on)they just have to take their finger and poke at it a bit until they get you all sore and worked up and then wonder why you an attitude. But I've also learned, with time and lots of experience, that people like to pick on and point fingers at the things that they themselves wish they would work on but know they don't have the motivation or commitment it takes. The people who cheer you on are those who probably are confident that they are being the very best them that they can be! So even though I can't say I always let criticism roll of me like water off a duck's back, I do think I get over it much quicker. Not because I think I'm better, no way. But because I know that I too have pointed fingers out of guilt and lack of self esteem before. I don't want to hurt them in return, but I want them to see that pointing fingers never does any good. Unless you know you have a deep and true relationship with someone they most likely are not going to take advice from you no matter how much love or concern you say you put behind it. Not to mention, what you may see as a "problem" in someone may not be a problem at all. I've learned that everyone has a different perspective on things and no two people see things exactly alike. What you may think is wrong, or needs help, is probably something that is totally admired and celebrated by many other people. And they could probably turn right around and point out problems they see in your life that you may not see a problem at all, it may even be something you find comfort or esteem in. There is a difference between noting true and serious sin in a persons life and simply disliking something someone is doing or has done. The things I am proud of in my own life, things that I feel are true accomplishments I want to revel in that proud feeling, not be pulled down by people who begrudge me my successes. So I say all this to say, stand tall and proud in what you believe in, in your accomplishments, in things you work hard on every day. Don't let others doubt, disapproval or wagging tongues bring you down! You are you - and you are strong. Be proud!

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  1. I've found that I only listen to people I respect.