Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Princess

Let me first say that I have a great daughter! I truly do. She is funny, fairly outgoing, imaginative, good natured, curious and oh, so, cute! But occasionally, like all of us, she has one of "those" days. One of those days where she doesn't listen to me, she does the opposite of what I ask, she whines and cries about everything I say to her.....I really try to be patient and talk her through these trying times but sometimes my patience is tried.

Today we went out shopping with my mother in law, Bug's grandmother. We had a few stops to make before hand at various places. All Bug wanted was popcorn chicken at Wal-Mart! So her patience level was short at all the places stopped before. She nearly knocked over a big stand of toys at the Pharmacy because she would stop touching like I asked, she almost fell and busted her head because she would stop running around on the wet floors at the vet - then once we were at Wal-Mart she ate her chicken while we shopped but that didn't last long enough so she proceeded to open up her Grandma's yogurt! Lol! All I could do was shake my head. I'll admit it, I believe in spanking. I do. I believe that children need a spanking sometimes but for the most part I really do try to make that the last resort. And when we are out in public I try not to cause scenes - I see WAY too many of those! So I do my best to talk Bug through her misbehavior and explain to her WHY we have to behave. Bug seems to respond better to instructions when they are explained to her - we can't mess with the toys because if we knock them all over that causes a big mess and it upsets the staff at the store, we can't run on the wet floor because we'll bust our head and then we go to the dr. ( THAT'S A BIG FEAR!), we can't open the yogurt because then it makes a mess in the bag and gets everywhere. Etc.

But ultimately at the end of the day, after all is said and done, she is my little princess. She dresses up and waltz's around in her high heels and pretty dresses and she is my sweet, adorable baby girl. I sat watching her tonight and I just couldn't believe how big she is now. She's so tall and so "grown up" and it made me a little sad. Her 4th birthday is fast approaching, she's starting "school" next exciting as it all is if I really think about it my heart aches.

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