Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bringing Home Gypsy

Today was THE big day! We finally brought Gypsy home! We originally were going to wait until Christmas Day but I realized she was a month older then I thought she was so I felt like we were waiting too long if we waited until Christmas. So we got her today and so far it's gone well. Bug is so thrilled and won't leave her alone. It didn't take her long to start feeling "comfortable". She hid out under the bed in our room for a bit and now she's hanging out in the living room with us. She's already used her "potty" box too. She is a little more "high maintenance" then I'm used to with Gandalf but this is what we've done instead of another child! Lol! It's almost like having a baby, I'm not sure exactly what to do with her or not do. And of course she came with a TON of stuff - shampoo, ear drops, eye cleaner, combs, ear trimmers, a scratcher/condo, food, litter boxes, extra litter, etc. etc. It's all blessing but it's a lot to keep straight too. I'm excited about her "growing" up with Gianna - Gandalf has been here since before Bug was even thought of! And he's old and a little like a grumpy old man, some days he's affectionate and sweet, other days he just wants to be left alone. He sniffed at Gypsy then went upstairs! I do hope they get along, he hasn't been ugly or anything but I do want them to like each other.

I started off the day making breakfast for us and Beej's dad who was coming over to help Beej out.....I made Pumpkin Spice pancakes and bacon. It was yummy and it filled me up so much that I didn't eat again until dinner time!

Beej and his dad spent a good part of the day chopping up wood and hauling it up out of the woods and getting it stacked. It's getting cold and we are using the wood stove more and more. I like the sound of the fire crackling and popping, the heat is so rich and inviting! It is hard to get it circulated through the whole house though - we are still trying to figure that out!

Bug and I attempted to make paper snow flakes tonight. They weren't the greatest but we had fun and we decorated them with glitter paint! She enjoyed it and that was the main point. I think once they dry I'll get some fishing string and hang them up just for some added festive fun!

Tomorrow it's supposed to be REALLY cold - I've even heard rumors of snow up in the mountains! Whew! It seems winter has suddenly hit with a force. It was even sleeting earlier today. Yikes!!! I don't like to drive in messy weather - especially when it's snowing and icing over. No fun!

I'm so excited about Christmas now - we are headed to TN for our first BIG festivity with the family in just 12 days! I'm still trying to figure out what to get my dad for Christmas. He's the hardest to buy for, for me at least! Any ideas?!

So this is kinda random but I'm tired and I'm trying to keep Bug from driving poor Gypsy nuts! Lol! I can't imagine how she'd be if we had gotten a baby instead! HAHA!!!

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