Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Terrific Bloggers....

I recently have branched out a bit and started following a couple of blogs authored by people I don't know! For the longest I only followed blogs of people I knew and well, to be honest that got a bit boring because most of the people I know don't ever blog on their blog! The blogs I decided to follow to be honest I can't even tell you exactly how I found them....I usually find them when bloggers I know point you in that direction because of a giveaway the blog is hosting. And then after a little clicking around suddenly I'm at yet another great blog. I throughly enjoy reading their daily posts. One of THE greatest things about most of my favorite bloggers are that they post lots of pictures. And it's making me realize more and more that I've GOT to get a camera soon so that I too can snap photos to share! No, I'm not into photography but I am into capturing moments. Used to I could rely on my little sis, the photographer, to capture photos for me whenever I needed but now she's gone and my camera is crap so lately I haven't been able to take pictures of anything really important. I think I have like two photos from Thanksgiving, how sad is that?! But I love that all these ladies post lots of photos!!! It makes my day getting a little peak into their lives! Not to mention these women are fashionable, creative and fun - all the things I would love to be. And most of them are mother's as well. I'm sorry to admit this but growing up motherhood had a pretty crappy name in my book. Once you were a mom you were boring, old, out of style, out of date on current events, etc. So that's why I NEVER wanted to be a mom! Thank goodness that these ladies are showing me daily that I can still be rockin' cool and be a mom at the same time! Thanks, ladies! One of the other blogs I follow is a my friend/piano teacher. Even though she is several years younger then me I feel like she is so much wiser. Her blogs are so full of insight and wisdom and they often make me feel rather childish and immature. She has inspired me in ways she doesn't even know but I'm thankful for her little jewels of wisdom that she almost daily deposits in her blog! Check out these wonderful blogs that I enjoy on a almost daily basis!

1. Sarah at Daughter of the King

2. James at Bleubird Vintage (One of my absolute favorite blogs!!! Her "What We Wore" posts are fabulous!!!)

3. Ashley at Hudson's Happenings (She is from Bama like I am! Florence isn't too far from my old stomping grounds in Huntsville! Hooray for "Bama Belle's" Lol!)

4. Melissa at Dear Baby

5. Mandy at Harper's Happenings (Yes, I follow two "Happenin'" blogs! Lol! Isn't that cute?!)

Seriously, take the time to check these blogs out - they inspire and encourage me daily! For now, I have to run and make sure the plumber isn't drowning under my house!!! I'll post tonight ALL about that.....phew.

And for those of you who kindly follow me here at Rock 'N' Roll Hideaway I SO appreciate it. It absolutely MAKES MY DAY to read your comments. I know I don't always have the most interesting or exciting posts but I do love my blog and I do love sharing with my readers. If you have suggestions on how I could make my blog more interesting or how I could entice more people to read it please leave me a comment, I'm always open to suggestions!!!

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  1. You're too kind, girl! =) When you start following more blogs I have found that other bloggers will start following you. At least that is how I started gaining quite a few more followers.