Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh, today....

My day wasn't bad....I was thrilled that the plumber showed up rather early to get started. I figured he would be at it all day and possibly into tomorrow. Especially since he had to pump almost 2 ft. of water out from under the house before he could even tell me what was wrong. I was surprised when about an hour later he knocked on to the door to tell me the hot water heater had busted. Yup. It was old, super old and he said the cold might have helped it along but for the most part it was ready to go anytime. But he wasn't sure how he was going to get it out since it's under the house and the crawl space entrance "door" was tiny! They ended up having to knock a couple of rows of brick above the door out in order to make it big enough to get the old one out and a new one in. He had to leave and go get the new tank and someone to help him and by 11:30am they were putting the new one under the house! I had to leave and run some errands but I'm pretty sure they were completely done by 1pm. I'm guessing their promptness might come with a special charge too! Lol!

I ran errands with my mother in law this afternoon. She is quite the character and it's always an interesting day out with her. Nothing particular has to happen, it's just always an adventure! But I did pick up my Christmas cards while I was out, they finally came in and they look fabulous! I can't wait to send them out....I also picked up some material and ribbon to attempt to make the headbands I keep seeing in my head. For those of you who don't know me well, I'm not super crafty. I don't sew, not very well at least. I can do a decent hem and sew a button on and that's about it. I get great ideas but I find that I can't execute them like my mind sees them. It's quite frustrating actually. So I keep seeing these super cute headbands in my mind, if they turn out I'll brag to you all. If they don't, well, you probably won't hear about them anymore! Haha!!! EVERYONE is making bows these days - it seems every stay at home mom with daughter is making bows and hats. It's great, I can't believe they sell enough to make it worth their while, especially with how pricey some of them are. I understand alot goes into it - material, time, etc. but still. I wish I could make them myself to help save money! Having a daughter is great, I love dressing her up and I'm always looking for new bows and hats - especially since her hair is still a little short and thin. I'm dying for it to be long and beautiful! It seems like everyone else's daughter has tons of hair except mine. My cousin, who is a month old then my daughter, was BALD until she turned two and then suddenly her hair just started growing like mad and now she has beautiful, thick hair past her shoulders. What the crap?! So not fair!!! I'm a Cosmetologist, I love playing with hair and my daughter barely has enough to do pigtails with!

Anyway, I just totally went on a rabbit trail there....I'm not even sure what I was talking about, I better go back and read.....oh, ok. I was running errands with my mother in law!!! We spent like two hours in Wal-Mart - just browsing and picking up a few grocery items and goodies. I want to bake some yummy goodies before our trip to TN in a week. I can't believe it's only a week away - I'm SO excited! Excited about the fun, traditions, new things and most of all being with my family! I'm planning to snag my mother-in-law's camera before I go so that I can snap lots of photos to share when I get back.

So this post was totally random and worthless but so what! LOL! I'll be better prepared tomorrow.

Sleep well, peeps!

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