Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Catching Up!

I didn't have much of a chance to blog yesterday. Unlike I swore to myself I didn't get to stay home all day. It was SO cold out and I didn't want to take me or Bug out in it but Gandalf still wasn't well so we took him back to the vet. They ended up keeping him because he was jaundice and they needed to check his liver and gallbladder. We are still waiting on more blood work this afternoon before they tell me exactly what has to be done for him.....so we are waiting. *sigh*

But after I ran a couple of errands I did make it home by lunch time and got my work out in (yay for me!), I always feel so much better about my day if I get a work out in. I pushed really hard and felt kinda shaky afterwards. Usually a little low fat chocolate milk after a workout helps me not to feel burnt out and shaky. But I never could shake this and then my throat started feeling all scratchy. And next thing I know I'm SICK! What the crap?! But despite not feeling the greatest I still seemed to have a good bit of energy so we tackled wrapping a few gifts and I started working on my headbands, finally! Gypsy gave me a bit of a "hand" through out the day - first with laundry and then wrapping gifts! It's fun to have a kitten around - she's so playful and funny!

This is the first and only one I've done so far....it turned out like I wanted pretty much. I want it to have a rugged, homemade look and feel. I've still got to work on perfecting a few aspects but I think for the first one it turned out pretty nice! I'm going to work on a few different versions, I may take my stuff with me to TN and get a little help from my crafty mother! She tends to know how to execute things a little better then I do!

It has been oh, so cold the past couple of days. We've been building big roaring fires trying to keep the house warm. I'll be honest, the past couple of days have been the first time that I've really and truly missed our apartment. It was so cozy, easy to heat - we were in between units so that helped and our apartments were brick which helped insulate them so well. Keeping this big, drafty house heated has been quite a task. Unlike most people/women I have never had the desire to own a home. Truly. I love apartment living. I think ultimately I'd like to live in a nice large condo. I hate the added responsibility and pressures that come with owning a home. Anything breaks or goes wrong and it's all your problem! With an apartment there is always someone to call and it's their responsibility to fix it! I know, it's "throwing away money" to rent but I loved it! And I like the feeling of other people being close by even if you don't know them that well.....

I'm off to run more errands....they never seem to end! Bundling up again because it's super cold outside. Holding my breath that the weather won't be as bad as they predict for Thursday since we're going to be out driving in it. Icy rain is what they are calling for....great. Hopefully we can make it up there safely and enjoy a fun weekend!!!

I'll update on Gandalf tonight once we know what's up!

Good day, all my blogger lovelies!


  1. Aww. Hope Gandalf Is Better! I'm Totes Digging Your Blog. I Love LOTR And Your Post Below Is One Of My Favy All Time Quotes! Keen Stuff!

    Raised By Wolves

  2. Ah, thanks, George! I'm so excited to see you are following me now and yes, we are big LOTR fans at my house!!!! Gandalf is a little better now...we are still watching him to make sure he's pulling through!