Thursday, December 9, 2010

Smile, darlin'!

I started off my day well despite the fact that I slept half the night with Bug....she seemed to get quite restless around 2am and wouldn't go back to sleep until I finally went up there and slept with her in her little twin bed. She kicked and flopped as usual and snored, right in my ear! She has to be THE worst co-sleeper ever, I hope she grows out of it because if not I pity the man she marries!!! Haha!!! But yeah, my day started off well because I got to work out - yes! The past two days I hadn't been able to due to all the craziness going on with our hot water heater and all that. So today I was excited to get back to it. I did Cardio and Ab Jam and I felt fabulous after I was done. Ab Jam has to be the greatest ab work out I ever done. I like it better then the P90X and Insanity Ab work out so I usually sub and do it instead. It's the only one that makes me feel tight and sometimes even sore the next day. That makes me happy!

I had planned to stay home all day but my mother in law called and asked me to run her a couple of places. I agreed, she helps us out so much and I feel like it's the least I can do sometimes. I know I've needed help and rides before and I've had someone to help me out. So after I worked out, cleaned up, picked up the house a bit and took care of a few things we headed out into the chilly weather.....after we got home I built a fire, I'm getting better at it, slow but sure! It still takes a bit of coaxing but I can do it. But needless to say I didn't get my head band project even started....*sigh* Hopefully tomorrow. I have sworn to say NO if anyone calls for anything that isn't an emergency! And I also need to spend some serious time on the piano - I haven't spent as much time practicing this week as I should have. So my agenda for tomorrow is work out, piano practice, make head bands and get closer to finishing The Host by Stephenie Meyer ( so far I'm loving it!).

Gypsy is adjusting well - she is super sweet and full of life. Tearing around all the time, she is so patient with Bug hauling her around and chasing her all the time. Which is exactly why I picked her, I watched how easy going she was and I knew Bug needed a kitty like that. She is a bit of work though - she is fed twice a day, a special wet food, she has to have her eyes wiped and cleaned daily, she has to be brushed or her hair gets tangled and knotted! But she's so lovey and sweet it's worth it. But I couldn't have more then her and Gandalf - NO way!

Hopefully tomorrow I'll remember to take pictures when I start my head band creations! I'm also trying to figure out how to style my hair Saturday - we are going to my hubby's company Christmas party. It's fairly informal (*sad face*) but I do want to look nice and do something different with my hair. It's growing out so it's at that odd length, not short but not long. I hate this stage. Any suggestions?!

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