Sunday, December 5, 2010

Focusing on the good.....

Christmas is a time for joy, happiness, good feelings, excitement, etc. It seems easier to be in a good mood and "jolly" when it's Christmas time! But sometimes even in the midst of all the good cheer we can still get down about things that don't go our way or when we don't get everything we want. As adults we tend to know what's coming or what's ahead, we know what we can have or can't have. And for the most part we deal with all of it with adult like maturity. For the most part! Lol! But as a child it's hard to see beyond the moment of not getting something we want or not going somewhere we wanted to go. Lately I have been trying to take the time to talk to Bug about her disappointment's and frustrations. So often when we go out and do something fun by the end of the day that one thing we don't get to do or that one place we don't get to go undoes the whole day. Now mind you, Bug isn't a whiny, mean child - she isn't given to having fits or tantrums. Mainly because we don't allow behavior like that but like any child she has her moments where she gets upset about things she doesn't get to have or do. To be honest most of the time I would just get frustrated (and I still do sometimes!) and say things like, "When you act like this it makes us not want to take you to do anything...." or something to that effect. But I realized not long ago that wasn't doing her any good. The truth is we love taking her places, buying her things, doing stuff for her. So lately I have started talking to her about these "times". I've started sitting her down, having her look me in the eye and we talk about all the good things we did or the fun things we bought, etc. Helping her focus on all the good instead of on the small amount of "bad". It's amazing how often the good out weighs the bad by a huge margin! It doesn't always fix things right away but I feel like I'm teaching Bug a valuable lesson - it's not about what we don't have or don't get, it's about finding joy and beauty in all the wonderful, good that surrounds us! As I sit here writing this blog I am surrounded by wonderful things - my beautiful daughter is tucked in bed, warm and safe, my handsome hubby has a crackling fire going and he's curled in a chair reading a good book, the lights of the Christmas tree are sparkling, there's a good Christmas movie playing on the Hallmark channel, and our two furry buddies are happy too! Life is pretty good and I'm happy about all the love, warmth and fun this time brings to us. I hope that your December is spent not focusing on how hectic things are, how broke you may feel, how you don't like the cold, or how tired you may be from all the running around. But instead you focus on how wonderful life really is!

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