Sunday, December 12, 2010

Super Sunday.

Hello my Blogger lovelies! It has been quite a wonderful day actually....we haven't done a lot but it's been a wonderful way to end the weekend. We did manage to get up and go to church - although I had a hard time waking up this morning because it was so blah outside. And by blah I mean no sun shining, foggy and wet. Ugh. (I'd never make it in Forks! Lol! For those of you who don't get it, well, that's ok. Move on!)We got dressed and headed out - to be honest I probably would have stayed home except Bug had this adorable Christmas dress and this was the only Sunday we'd be at church before Christmas. We'll be in TN next Sunday and the following Sunday will be AFTER Christmas! That is so hard to believe. But I am ashamed to say I didn't get any pictures of Bug in her gorgeous dress. We were running late (and oh, how I HATE being late!) so I didn't take them before and she was asleep when we got back so Beej just carried her in and I changed her clothes before I even thought. BUT I do plan to take the dress to TN with us where my sis, THE photographer, can take some good ones of her. So you'll get to see it!
We left church a little early and grabbed some lunch and picked up a few items we needed at the house. Once we got home we settled in for the day. Beej hauled in a lot of wood because it supposed to get crazy cold tonight and stay cold tomorrow. So I'll have to keep a roaring fire going all day tomorrow! My plan is to stay home ALL day long and that's no joke. I keep saying that but this time, between the weather and stuff I need to get done I really need to stay home all day. I have plenty of running around to do Tuesday and Wednesday before we head out for our weekend trip (which I am SO excited about by the way!).

We spent the afternoon just kinda laying around and enjoying the warmth inside the house - I finished up my book by Ted Dekker, and WOW! I totally didn't see that ending coming at all! It was a great book. I've got to finish reading Needful Things by Stephen King. I've been working on it for awhile and I'm almost half way done with it. Sometimes, as much as I LOVE SK, he can overwhelm me with characters and details. So I have to read his books a little more slowly and methodically. He is such a brilliant genius, it blows my mind sometimes! Bug spent some time playing games on the computer and coloring - I snuggled in my new fuzzy socks and read!

Bug and I made brownies too - she always loves to help me cook no matter how simple the task! We were planning to watch a movie and have a little snack after dinner. We decided to start watching Lord of The Rings again. We haven't watched them in awhile and we are introducing Bug to them now. Still slowly because LOTR has some images that I know would seriously disturb her, they still kinda disturb me! She watched the first 10 minutes while doing gymnastics on the couch and on Beej. Finally she opted for cartoons in the workout room while we watched LOTR!

I swear tomorrow I am going to work on those head bands.....oh, and wrap gifts! I discovered yesterday that my mother left her gift wrapping box here - full of ribbons, tissue paper, boxes and lots of wrapping paper! So I need to wrap gifts. I'm kinda a last minute shopper, it's awful but the way it is. I still have two gifts I MUST get before we go on Thursday. I hope the weather gets better so that I can safely get out and about!

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