Thursday, December 30, 2010

You Know You're An Adult....

.....when you get pretty pumped up about grocery shopping! Lol! Yeah, this morning I got up and worked out and then got Bug and I ready to go meet my mother in law. For those of you who don't know my mother in law runs a cattery. She breeds high dollar Himalayans like Gypsy. I help her - in lots of random ways! But I'm kinda her go-to person when she needs help running errands, carting cats to the vet, etc. And she pays me here and there, whenever she can. Usually as a commission off a cat sale because I do help her promote her site online so that she gets more sales. Anyway, today she "paid" me by taking me grocery shopping and helping me get "stocked" up! And it was so much fun and such a HUGE blessing. I am getting ready to start back on my Insanity diet and that takes a good bit of food. The Insanity diet is basically eating clean and eating small actual meals throughout the day. It's actually a good bit of food that you consume daily but it's all healthy and "clean". No sugar, no white flour, no fried or processed foods, etc. Whole grains, limited carbs, fruits and veggies and lean protein and low fat dairy. It takes a lot of preparing and a good bit of time in the kitchen but I feel GREAT when I'm on it and it's the only time I actually actively lose weight. I have about 10lbs I really would like to see go before summer hits. I want to feel tight, toned and fit by the time we open up our pool and it's time for sundresses, bathing suits and shorts! I've really put a lot of effort into my work outs this week and I like the way I'm feeling already - tighter! This started out being about losing weight (and it still is to some point) but now I want to fit and healthy. And it's a way I motivate myself too. Sometimes I feel a lack of motivation in somethings and when I put my whole heart into this I feel good about myself and it makes me feel a little more motivated in other areas of my life!

I can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of 2010! How crazy is that. We are celebrating by going out to dinner at our favorite restaurant, Outback Steakhouse, with the in-laws. We both have gift cards and so it's a perfect time out! I'm excited, we haven't been in awhile and it'll be fun to get out! I'm really looking forward to it....

I also start back piano lessons tomorrow. I've had three weeks off and I've honestly slacked way too much. But I'm ready to get back at it. I'm actually a wee bit nervous! Haha! Kinda like I was the first day I started.....but I have missed lessons and the "structure" in my week of practicing and learning new things.

Happy New's Year Eve eve, people!

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