Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Times!

So I can't believe the Holidays are behind us. I dread taking down my Christmas tree and decor tomorrow. I always hate to see Christmas go. We anticipate it for so long and then it's here and gone before we can breathe it seems! We have enjoyed the snow and we've enjoyed the extended weekend. We've had such a lovely time just hanging out and spending time with each other. I just wanted to share a few of my favorite gifts this year....I was truly blessed and I was so pleased with everything everyone got me!

The GREATEST gift. EVER. My iPod Touch from my hubby! Love Love Love

This beautiful Owl necklace from my sis, D!

My lovely red Toms!

My mother bought me diamonds for Christmas!!! LOVE!

The snow has been incredible and I'm glad that it didn't affect the roads too much - I like snow, I hate ice! But we have enjoyed how beautiful it was - it's starting to melt a little today, everything is drip, drip, dripping. It'll be gone before we know it.

Is it not beautiful? It sparkled in the sunlight....

Fun in the snow - making a snowman!

My sweet Christmas cutie!

It's hard to believe the New Year is right around the corner. I've bought my 2011 calendar and it's ready to hang on the wall. I'm trying to gear up my mind to start writing 2011 now instead of 2010. It's almost time to get ready for Valentine's Day and of course, Bug's 4th birthday!!! Time is just flying by and I'm trying so hard to hold on to every moment and throughly relish it!

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  1. looks like you had a fabulous christmas :)

    and i hear ya about the christmas sad when it has to come down!