Thursday, December 2, 2010

Another night, now another day....

We decided yesterday afternoon to take Bug downtown last night to walk around and see the lights. They put them up around Thanksgiving and we drive through them occasionally but we wanted to take the time to park, get out and really enjoy looking at them. We decided to grab a bite to eat at Arby's before we went and on the way my hubby and I were talking about the importance of really making the holiday time festive and memorable. And we both talked about how some of our fondest memories of Christmas really had nothing to do with the gifts we received or didn't receive. My parents always did their best to get us great gifts for Christmas but never anything over the top expensive or crazy yet Christmas time holds some of the warmest and fondest memories for me and my husband! My mother always emphasized the other fun of the holiday - being with family, good food, baking fun treats, decorating, singing along to Christmas carols, etc. And I hope that Bug never focuses on how big her gifts were, or how many, but rather on the fun activities we do together and the fun we share!

I'm really looking forward to Christmas - we always go spend the weekend before Christmas at a cabin near Pigeon Forge. It's a tradition we started years and years ago and, for me, it's just so much fun! A little crazy but a wonderful time none the less. I know Bug enjoys spending time with her cousin and we always just soak in the Christmas-y spirit that seems to drench the towns of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. The lights, the cold, the decor.....I just love it! And I'm counting down the days till we go! I'm really excited that my sis and her new husband are going to be joining us this year too and my new cousin, G!

I guess I'm also looking at this Christmas a little differently too because I know next Christmas we will be in a bit of a different "place" and routine. We will probably still be living here in NC, at least for a little bit longer because Bug will be starting the More At Four program at the local elementary school in August of 2011. I know it's a bit down the road but she is SO excited and I'm excited for her - she has been talking about "being four and going to school" for months now and I've contacted the Board of Education and gotten the ball rolling in that direction. I've got to go down soon and get her registered. I guess I assumed it would be part time but it won't be, she'll go for the whole day (6 hours!). So I'll be able to get a job while she's at school and I'm pretty excited about that. I'm realizing how much things will have changed with our life and routine by this time next year. So I guess I'm trying to throughly enjoy the "laid back" feeling of this Holiday time and the summer to come. Bug's Aunt C is super excited about her excitement about school....and the other day Bug and I went online and started looking at backpacks, picking out what would be her "first day of school" back pack! I know, it's a ways down the road but if you knew how thrilled Bug is about all this you couldn't help yourself either! She picked out an adorable back pack and her aunt ordered it for her last night, helping to share in the excitement! I'm not going to give it to Bug right away because she just want to use it and abuse it before it's time - but I'm going to have her name put on it and have it ready for her next year when it's that BIG DAY! This is kinda a big deal for me too because I never have a "first day of school" I was home schooled my entire life - I never had to buy back packs or go shopping for school supplies or back-to-school clothes, etc. So this is a whole new experience for me as well!

We are getting ready to get our new kitty. She is going to come live with us a little earlier then we had originally planned. She is just growing up so fast and I feel it's important to get her adjusted to us and Gandalf before she gets too much older and has a hard to re-adjusting herself. We are taking her down to the vet today to get her "cleared" to move! I'm really excited, I went over yesterday to visit and she came to her name ( a first!) and then climbed up on the couch and snuggled with me! I was thrilled! She is so sweet and feisty at the same time!

My camera is kinda on the fritz right now but hopefully I'll have some pictures to share with you soon!!!

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