Saturday, December 11, 2010

Here we go a-Christmasing!

I am tired, I'll just go ahead and tell you that because this blog may be random and pointless because of it! Not to mention I have a headache too, not sure what that's from but it's not unbearable....I just took an Aleve so hopefully that will take care of it. But let me rehash yesterday and today....

(Poor, sick Gandalf - napping on the bed!)

Yesterday morning I noticed that our kitty, Gandalf, was sick. Really sick. The day before yesterday I had noticed he was spitting up some and seemed a little tired. The next day he wouldn't move and wasn't breathing well so I called my mother in law (my go to person when it comes to anything cat!)and she said to take him into the vet right away. When I took him in they seemed pretty concerned and wanted to do some blood work on him. A couple of hours later called and said he had a horrible respitory infection. They sent him home with pills to take, of course. Wasn't that lovely? It took my hubby and I three attempts to get it down him this morning and it's SO tiny too! I figured it would slip right down his throat and he'd hardly notice. *sigh* Oh, well. Today he's spent most of the his time sleeping on our bed, he's been up and about a couple of times and that's an improvement. Hopefully tomorrow he will be even better!

(Gypsy - playing in one of her favorite spots!)

Gypsy has had quite the day, tearing around the house and getting into everything. I think she was a little bored today because she was into things she's never seemed interested in - messing with the Christmas tree (she pulled the garland off and was chewing it!), messed up the blinds, kept following Beej around and getting under his feet! Silly girl. But I love having her around, she really is a sweet little thing. She went with Bug over to her Grandma's house tonight to visit for a bit. I thought it might be fun for her to hang out with some of the kittens and play, get a little energy out too. I'm afraid I'll have a mess tomorrow though because Grandma let her over stuff herself eating tonight!

(Daddy helping Bug play video games....)

Beej has slowly been getting Bug interested in Lord of The Rings. He's a huge fan and the story is really beautiful. He's kinda starting her out slowly because their are a few disturbing images that might be a bit much for her. But she likes Frodo and Gandalf (the Wizard!) and she's learning who's good and who's bad. She's also into video games, or tries to be! She's pretty much into anything Beej likes! It's so cute - today he tried to show her how to play some of the Lord of The Rings games. She just runs her character around and around The Shire! So funny!

Tonight I went out with Beej for his company Christmas party. It was actually a lot more fun then I had thought it would be. I know that doesn't sounds nice but I thought it might be a little awkward and stuffy. But we had a good time with Beej's boss and his wife - you have to understand that Beej's boss is also one of his best friends so their boss/employee relationship is just a little different then most! They are really great people and we had fun chatting with them. They served steaks, potatoes, rolls and salads which were very good and the owner's wife made some homemade desserts that were super yummy and oh, so rich! They gave away some door prizes (Beej won some cool Christmas lights!) and then we played Dirty Santa. I was the very last person to choose a gift and I got a $5 bill! Lol! I traded it for some really cool fleece socks - the lady that had them was NOT happy about it but that's the game. Besides that $5 would most certainly buy her some if she wanted them that bad. Beej had a coll thing of various hot sauces but his boss stole that gift and gave him a jar of gumballs (which was actually a gift we brought! Lol!). But it was fun and we enjoyed it a lot! And Bug and Gypsy had fun with Grandma and Papa too!

So that's it for tonight, my dear readers (if there are any out there! Haha!). Much love -


  1. Thanks for posting pics, girl! I hope Gandalf gets to feeling better, and that Gypsy doesn't get herself into too much trouble!

    That's sweet that beej and Gi had some quality daddy daughter time...and playing LOTR no less. Now that's training up child in the way they should go! Haha!

    I've never liked playing the Dirty Santa game myself, because I always end up with a crappy gift because I don't wanna be 'the stealer!' lol Your hair looked really cute btw! =)

  2. I hope your sweet kitty gets better soon! He is so cute!

    Yay for video games with Dad! That's the best!!

    & you look super cute in that picture!!! :)