Monday, December 6, 2010

-Summer Inspired-

So today it has been COLD! I mean, super duper cold. My poor hubby has to be out in it all day delivering for his job. I feel SO bad for him in the summer and the winter. During the summer it's crazy hot and during the winter is crazy cold. For a few months during the Spring and Fall he has good weather to be out in.
I pretty much stayed inside all day except for a few quick trips out to the wood pile and up to the mail box. Usually we cut the heat down and use the fire to keep it reasonably warm in the house but today the fire just wasn't cutting it. I finally opted to crank up the heat late this afternoon when it started getting dark. It was just too cold. And for the very first time I think in my LIFE I have been wishing it was summer time and I could feel the hot sun and jump in the cold pool! Crazy, I know! That is SO not me, I'm usually all about Fall and Winter. And don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed it but being in this "new" house we are still figuring out the heat thing between using the heat and using the fire, etc. There are so many things to remember with a house too. I don't care what anyone says, I think renting is TOTALLY worth it - so much less responsibility and worry involved. But that's just me! There are con's to renting too but I can't remember them right now! Lol!
So to "warm" myself up, mentally at least, I decided to do a summer inspired blog. I've done the short hair thing since March, so now I'm growing it back out hopefully in time for ponytails come summer time - in the summer the humidity totally messes with my hair and straightening it is practically impossible so I opt for ponytails alot.....but these are some of the style things I'm looking forward to come this summer! Enjoy!

Dangling earrings, I'm going back to them this summer. I've been all about the small stud earrings for awhile now. I'm ready for some awesome earrings come summer! Like these.....

So cute and summery!

And I've promised myself I'm going to find a nose hoop! I've wanted one since I got my nose pierced years ago but I haven't been able to find one that fit....until I found these custom made ones on!

I plan on rocking cute, messy updo's - like these! Along with some great headbands!

And of course, sundresses! Lots and lots of them! I always love everyone's else adorable little dresses during the summer. This next year I'm going to have some!

And great striped tanks - I MUST have a striped tank, or two, this coming summer!

And I want lots of comfy, worn cut off jean shorts.....

And uber cute sandals to go with everything!

These are especially my fave!

And what would summer be without Toms shoes? Easy to throw on, comfy and breathable! Perfect!

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