Friday, October 29, 2010


So first of all let me explain the title before I delve into this post! For as long as I can remember I have thought nick names were cute, maybe it's because weren't allowed to have nick names growing up! Lol! My dad had pet names for us and I always loved them, I always liked the way it made me feel special when he called me by my pet name (which was Wooglesmop by the way, who knows where he came up with that!). So I'm always had little pet names and nick names for Gianna - Gi, Gigi, GiBug, Monkey, etc. None of them have officially stuck - although both my sisters call her Gi alot. But for the most part I've always called her GiBug but recently I've found myself making it shorter by calling her Bug. I think it's cute and fits her and her this blog post is all about our day out with Bug!

We started off the day with lunch at Atlanta Bread Co. we usually do fast food with Bug, it's easier and less "formal". But today it was blustery and chilly out in Hendersonville so we thought something warm might be a better choice - we love Atlanta Bread's soups, especially their soup in a bread bowl! MMMM! Bug opted for a peanut butter and jelly and mandarin oranges which she ate ALL of! I was quite proud and I'm expecting a growth spurt any time now because she usually eats big around the time she sprouts! I had Clam Chowder in a bread bowl and it was the perfect lunch for the day!

After that we headed over to Grandad's Apples to pick out a pumpkin - they didn't have a lot left but enough for us to happily choose from.......we also fed the goat while we were there and snapped a few photos!

The sun was in her eyes but it's still a cute shot!
Me and Bug on such a pretty Fall day!
Bug and Ms. Birdie Bird (she named her all by herself!)

After that we ran by Wal-Mart and picked up some face paint and headed home to get all dressed up for Trick or Treating downtown. I hate it they do it so far before actual Halloween but we like to go anyway and Bug was SO excited! She originally opted to be a cat but then we ended up going with a bee instead.....maybe we'll do a cat next year!!!

Daddy and Bug - isn't she precious?!!!
Me and my Bug
Out and about trick or treating!
Lots of lines to stand in.....

After we gathered up candy and spent some time with Aunt Char Char and Uncle Jonathan (and even their furry baby, Roscoe, came along too!) We headed home to carve our pumpkin with our new carving kit!
Digging out the guts!
Bug graciously chose a "hard" one for me to do - the cut outs have levels and this was the harder ones! Lol! But I managed ok.....since it's only the second pumpkin I've ever carved I was pleased with the turn out. And those kits make it SO much easier then just a kitchen knife!

Our creepy little house!!!

All in all - we had a great day! I'm so glad the Fall weather has shown up, at least for the Halloween weekend. We are bathing Max, the Golden Retriever, and moving him to his new house with my sis and her hubby and Roscoe tomorrow. That should be an interesting chore, Bug has agreed to help me! Lol! On Sunday we're doing a bonfire and roasting hot dogs and making s'mores! Fun times ahead!

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