Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dreamin' About Weddings!

I adore weddings! I really do - I watch all those wedding shows all the time - the ones where they choose their dress, ones where they plan their whole weddings, ones where they make wedding cakes, etc. I even watch Bridezilla's and laugh! People get so bent out of shape over the craziest stuff. But needless to say, I would love to help people plan their weddings, but I don't know if I could handle the stress of a bridezilla though! Each wedding is unique and special no matter how big or small, how expensive or budget friendly. I had my wedding planned out about 5 or 6 years ago but obviously things have changed, fashion trends have changed, and my taste in things have changed too. So my wedding would be a little bit different then it would have been 6 years ago. I've seen so many cool ideas and things lately that I thought I would put together a "dream" wedding. I've thought about having a wedding for my 10th anniversary maybe. I just don't know if that's "cool" or not! Lol! But it's an idea anyway.......

If I were to get married today I would want my wedding to be in late October. I love the Fall time of year. The colors, the feeling in the air, the festive feeling that Fall brings as holidays approach. Even though August is my birthday month it's my least favorite month of the whole year. We got married in August because it just worked out best not because that's the month I would have chosen. I would want my wedding to celebrate Fall and have a slightly formal/vintage feeling. I don't know that I would have a set "theme" so much as just a set "feeling" that I would want my wedding to have. I would choose Fall colors like cranberry, pumpkin orange and golds! (I'm going to divide these posts up into several different "categories" over the next week or so.....)

Bridesmaid's dresses and shoes:
I love this dress - it's formal without being "stuffy". The color is rich and beautiful and would look good on just about any one with any kind of skin tone and hair color. The neck line gives coverage without swallowing you up, leaving the arms open for a fresh look!

These shoes of course are stunning! Wouldn't they look adorable with the dress above? I love the little stacked bow. This same idea would even work in a flat for someone uncomfortable with wearing a heel like this.

Groomsmen and Groom:
I would keep the idea simple - cream colored pants and vests with cranberry colored ties to match the bridesmaids dresses. Guys don't like to dress up for the most part. Leaving out the suit coat makes them feel more casual and easy going while still giving them a modern, dressed up look.

The Bride:

I love the "messy" elegance of this hair style. It's actually the hair style I had picked out for my wedding back in 2005. I think the idea is timeless and beautiful. I'm not one for veils or big tiara's. Not my thing. A little jeweled "bling" and I'd be good! But I think this hair style is beautiful and fun!

I love these shoes too - the heel is good because I have a tall man! Of course, still keeping with the gold theme.....
And THE dress! Isn't this dress stunning? I looked at tons of dresses online and had found several I thought were lovely but when I saw this dress I was hooked! I love the vintage lace, the scoop neckline, all the flowing layers at the's just beautiful! I would feel like an absolute princess in this dress!

*Note: This wedding is obviously planned with NO budget in mind! Lol! This is strictly a "dream" wedding to the max!

Stayed tuned for location ideas, table settings, food, music, etc.! Enjoy dreamin' with me!

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  1. i often think about this too! i always think "i should have done this or that" i think its a good idea to renew your vows at your 10 yr. :)