Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chilly and all!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it was an absolutely gorgeous Fall day today! The weather was perfection - about 65 degrees at the hottest part of the day and nice and breezy.....I broke out the boots for Gigi and I! I wore my new cowboy boots and she wore her new moccasin boots to church then when we came home I still couldn't get away from them and put on my new cardigan, leggings and more boots! I was really excited when I put on my second pair of boots because I got them last year and they just barely zipped all the way up, they were a little snug on my calves but this Fall I put them on and I have about an inch of space now!!! Woohoo! But I am totally in love with leggings and boots this Fall! I want to find some jewel tone leggings to go with my dark colored tops. I ordered my other pair of boots online the other day because the store didn't have my size. I can't wait to get them - getting mail is great but getting shoes in the mail is even better!!!! I hope I get them before Friday because I'm planning on wearing them on my date with my hubby to see Campbell the Band in concert! Yay for dates nights and great music! I'm kinda bummed though because I was just looking at the weather and it looks like it's going to keep warming up all week until it's back in the low 80's this weekend, so I might have to scratch the boot plan. :-(
Had a good day today - went to church and then had lunch out. We have a Sunday "tradition" of Taco Bell! I'm not sure how it got started but Gigi kinda counts on it now, I think! After that Gigi and I went over and spent some time with my mother-in-law/her Grandma. And of course we like to spend time with Gypsy too! I want to make sure she gets to know us really well.....I took Gigi after that and got her an ice cream cone at McD's. She thinks that's the only way she can eat ice cream now is in a cone. She isn't pleased when it's in a cup!
So far I haven't gotten in to any shows this Fall and that's unusual for me. I wanted to keep up with Fringe but I missed pretty much all of last season and just haven't had a chance to catch up in order to watch this season. I've watched a little bit of The Biggest Loser but I always forget about it. I lost interest in CSI and I missed the premier of CSI:NY but I watched this past Friday night. I do love that show and hopefully I can remember to watch it! Lol! I guess I got tired of trying to keep up with them all! So now I just watch random stuff! I have missed watching Criminal Minds as well. There is a new show on that I really want to try and keep up with but once again I'm already behind and it's called The Event. It looks very interesting!
I am doing my sister's hair tomorrow - I'm excited about getting to spend a little time with her. We haven't seen each other in awhile due to some issues between us but hopefully we have managed to resolve that and can move on. I haven't seen her since she became a married woman either! I still can't believe she's married - she isn't a Pounders anymore, she's a Hyder! Sounds strange to say that....but I'm happy she's happy! But I'm giving her a new do tomorrow - new cut, new color! I love changing up someone's look - it's so much fun! I'll post before and after pics tomorrow...hopefully I'll remember to take before's! Haha! I usually forget till I'm half way done.

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