Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Been gone....

Yeah I haven't been around much on blogger. Honestly I just haven't felt like blogging. Not a lot happening although I feel like I'm super busy all the time. Right now my dad is back and forth between Bama and here every other week and he has been staying with us so I feel like I can't get on any kind of real schedule. Something about anyone being here throws me off. Not to mention the whole change of light thing gets me too - I feel so tired when it's dark all the time. It doesn't get light really well until after 7:30am now. So I feel like I'm always struggling to get up in the mornings and that's not me at all. I keep trying to get my bedtime back in order, I don't like going to bed super late, makes it hard to get up in the morning. Last night I managed to get in bed by about 10:30pm, night before I didn't get into bed until after midnight because I stayed up watching Moonlight on DVD. Yeah, it's another vampire show and so far it's been really good! I hate that it was canceled.....but I am catching up on it through Netflix. I'm alternating movies we want to see and movies for Gigi now. We are trying to watch the Disney Princess movies. We started off with The Little Mermaid and I think we have Snow White coming next!

We have FINALLY found a home for Max, my parents Golden Retriever that's been staying with us. I'm so glad because we really didn't want to keep him but really had no where for him to go, my parents just don't have any room for him at all. But my sis and her hubby are moving into a house at the end of the month with room for a dog and they want to have a "friend" for their new puppy so they are going to take him! My mom is thrilled that he will still be in the "family" so to speak. And my parents are going to take their outside cat too so that will leave us with our cat, Gandalf and then once Gypsy moves in with us at Christmas time we'll be set! I'm so glad it's all worked out! It's a huge load off my mind!

I have slacked on my piano practice the past few days. We were out of town all of Sunday and most of Monday so I didn't have much of a chance then and yesterday was just really hectic all day it seemed and I never took the time to practice. Yeah, that's three days of not practicing. Not good. And I'm sure it'll show Friday. *sigh* My goal this morning is to work out and practice piano, that's it. I was hoping to get Gigi's room cleaned today too but I have to take my sis to her orthodontist appt. after lunch. I'm pretty sure she'll be wearing braces for the rest of her life! LoL! They just seem to refuse to take them off......

I think this weekend and the beginning of the week was tainted by Bama's loss to the South Caroline Gamecocks. And I know that South Carolina likes to pretend that they beat the #1 team but they didn't because we didn't play like the #1 team we are. Period. We let them have the game, honestly. We played like crap. No idea why, I think we were tired. We have played every weekend since football season started. We haven't had a off week to rest. But I am pretty sure I would have rather lost to Arkansas then SC. Because I know SC fans and they have gloated like no body's business. And I'll admit I'm a sore loser. We haven't lost in so long I don't remember what it's like. As we were losing in the third quarter I just kept thinking, it's not possible - we have to come back. We can't lose! Lol! Hopefully though this will put the fire under our butt again and we'll stop everyone else we have to take on. But it's funny how people who have never mentioned football suddenly are putting up "Go Gamecocks!" simply because they know what a HUGE Bama fan I am. I'm ok with true SC fans celebrating, it's their right, although I hate it with a passion! But for people who just want to gloat in my pain are immature. I ended up deleting a grown woman because she told Bama fans to grow up and stop whining and she isn't a fan of either team!!! I was shocked.....it wasn't like her at all but she got down right ugly. And I won't stand for that. Anyway, we are still feeling the loss. And yeah, I'm bummed so for those who don't like it don't read my status updates or my blog! It's my team, I love them and I was raised to be the biggest fan I can be. I don't become a "fan" of something or someone light heartedly - it's all or nothing! Lol! So may the Tide roll on....and how awesome would it be for us to meet SC in the National Championship and absolutely whip their "cocky" little smiles off their faces?!!! We can only hope!

That's about all I have to say for now! Lol! I am thinking about doing a blog "series" on weddings. Yeah, I know......but I love weddings and I didn't get to plan one of my own so I thought I would do a series of what I pick if I were planning a wedding for myself today. I've already been looking at ideas and things. It might be a fun idea...let me know what you think!

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