Saturday, August 22, 2009

23 on the 23rd!'s my birthday tomorrow and I'm over the moon excited! I'll be 23 tomorrow, seems so much "older", so much more grown up! Lol! If I'm not already grown up then I'll never be! I think being a wife for four years and a mother for over two qualifies me as a grown up! Anyway, back to my birthday! After church tomorrow my mom , my little sister and my best friend are taking me out to eat Japanese, do a little shopping and maybe hit up the coffee shop. Then we'll probably go back to Mom's house for some cake and ice cream! Yay! Then later in the week I'm going out for a "Girl's Night Out" with my two besties for pizza and a new tattoo! I'm so excited to get it! Beej's friend, Shane, drew it up for me! I'm really excited about having some of his "art" on my foot - as simple as it might be! It's going to be a great 23rd birthday!!! Woohoo!!!

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