Thursday, August 13, 2009

This Blog is Over.....

When I started this blog I intended for it to be a place that I could share thoughts, feelings, and ideas freely. A place where I didn't feel like everything would be taken wrong....I told everyone who chose to follow my blog that this was a place I intended to vent or share concerns. And that I would appreciate everyone's respect on that. Not to take anything personally or view it in a negative light. What I shared here wasn't intended to be passed around or shared with other people. If you were following this blog I trusted that what I said was between me and you and those others who followed also. But after some "issues" I will be discontinuing this blog.....I will however be starting a new blog, a private blog that can only be viewed or followed by invitation only. If you would like to continue following my blog please send me your email address to Thank you and I hope to see you again in a new location!!!

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