Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I just wanted to take a moment to say what an amazing best friend I have! Sometimes I forget to thank her enough for just being there and having my back. I feel like no matter and to no matter who she would be willing to stand up for me! And that's a nice feeling....We don't always agree on everything or every subject but some how we don't really care and we move on to what we do agree on! She is expecting her second child and I couldn't be more thrilled! Because I'm an "honorary aunt"!!! I love that term, especially since I probably won't be a real aunt for many years to come. Her daughter is beautiful, silly and charming and I can't wait to see what #2 is going to be like! Today she is taking me out to lunch as an early birthday outing! She knows that in my mind my birthday is a big deal, practically a holiday and you can't start celebrating too soon! I would be extremely bored and lonely without her! She is funny, outspoken and strong! I admire her willingness to try anything and go for what she wants. She is a great mom and an amazing wife!
My other "bestie" is very dear to me too - we used to be best friends growing up and kinda drifted apart for awhile but now that we've both grown up a little we can see the great qualities in each other that we loved to begin with! She is a sweetheart - caring, vibrant and always seeing the best in the world. She is a devoted mom to her adorable little son and a great wife. She is always on the go and I do wish I saw her more....but we keep up best we can! I admire her contentment with what she has and where she is going!
And of course I can't forget my sister in all this because she is one of my best friends too - we spend alot of time together and even though there is a 7 year difference between us she always acts like she's older! Lol! well in her mind she is! She is hilarious and keeps me laughing all the time. She is stylish and witty. And I am eager to see where she goes in life. She should never let anything in her mind hold her back from all the talent she possesses!
I am very blessed to have women like this in my life! I love them all dearly!

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