Thursday, February 25, 2010

As the day closes....

It's been such a long day.....which started with a really long night. Usually when Gianna is sick I'll sleep down stairs on the couch with her so that Beej can get some real sleep. Me getting up and down with her wakes him up and he ends up being really tired going to work the next day. I know for me that if I really need to I can nap the next day where he can't so I always try to be conscience of that when Gianna isn't well. She seemed to have perked up some yesterday but had a lapse last night and was up and down every hour. Just as I would settle in and start to fall asleep she'd wake up again and need to go potty or need a drink. Then she started throwing up again and later ended up wetting her covers. So we both finally fell asleep around 5am and slept in until almost 9:30am which is so not me! I'm usually up by 7 and working out by 9am! And then I decided to go out to my parents and help them out - I've been promising to and it kept getting pushed back but I figured Gianna could sleep on their couch and watch their TV as well as she could ours. She had a fever after lunch and spent the day crying off and on about her tummy hurting. She's also dealing with a nasty sore in her mouth from where she bit it and then keeps re biting it. Bless her heart. She's so pitiful and I just feel awful for her. She keeps saying she has to pee but when she tries she can't go. So I'm thinking her UTI is back. My aunt, who is a registered pediatric nurse practitioner, said that if it is the UTI that's back I need to get her in to see a pediatric urologist and try to figure out what's going on. Because it may be something internal and not an outside source causing them.
I'm also going to have to start supplementing her diet with something like Pedisure or something. She just doesn't eat enough to keep her immune system up, and when she does eat it's not super healthy. Lately about all she'll eat when she is hungry is banana's and waffles! I want her to be healthy but right now getting her to eat veggies is almost impossible. Tonight at dinner all she wanted was a hamburger patty, no potatoes or veggies. She hasn't hardly eaten all day so I was fine with that but still, I think she's going to have to have something to keep her body up better. I just want her well and I feel like she hasn't been truly well since before Christmas and that's just tearing me up. I just want to know what's wrong and what we can do to make her better.
I just feel I'm running ragged at the moment. I've kept up with my work outs but today I am several hundred calories short what I need to be eating at this point. It's hard for me to eat all the good calories I'm supposed to. At this point if I can get 1500-1700 in I feel pretty good.
My goals tomorrow are to just get Gianna to the dr. and find out, hopefully, what's going on. And then get her to eat, get my work out in and send Beej off to work. Then I'm just going to crash. I just need to totally relax tomorrow night. Saturday is going to be a great day for me to just re-coop mentally. Looking forward to some good girl time - got a baby sitter lined up for Gianna so that Beej can have some time to himself at home too. He's working on his new music project and doesn't have a lot of time to devote to it with his new work schedule.
I'm WAY behind on my scrap booking.....I have Halloween and on to catch up with. Easter is almost here and there will be more pictures to scrap book. I don't want to get behind now. I want to keep memories in a more traditional manner versus everything being on my computer. Especially since I've had some issue with my computer lately. It made me realize that at any time I could lose my pictures and I want to keep them "safe". Plus I just feel like it makes such a statement to take the time to do actually scrap book them. It's kinda like writing someone an actual letter instead of sending an email. It's still a great gesture but means even more when you take the time to write it by hand!
Well, that's it for tonight. My brain is so fried I can't even think straight. I'll probably go back and re read this tomorrow and wonder what in the world I was rambling on and on about!

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  1. Im sorry you have had such a hard couple of days! I really hope they can give you some answers tomorrow!