Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lactose Intolerant....

We have recently been going through some issue with Gianna and her tummy. I think I've mentioned it a couple of time on here through some other posts. I thought that maybe it was her UTI coming back but we had her checked at the doctor again and they said she was all clear of that but they couldn't tell me why her tummy would be hurting her every day. They said it was probably gas and not to worry about it. But it bothered me that daily my child would tell me two or three times a day that her tummy was hurting, and it didn't seem to be fake. I know when Gianna fakes it and when she's being sincere and this was sincere pain. So my mother suggested that possibly Gianna had become, at least slightly, lactose intolerant. I know my dad struggles with regular milk some so my family a while back switched to non-pasteurized milk and rice milk. So I did a little research on the issue and found out that a lot of children become lactose intolerant after the age of two. This can be hereditary or it can actually be caused by some damage done to the intestines - which I wonder if that may have happened during her UTI because it went undiagnosed for so long and perhaps some of the infection spread to the intestines. Because this all started AFTER that bought with the UTI. So for the past two days I haven't given Gianna any milk and she's had very limited cheese and guess what? No complaints about her tummy hurting! I'm so glad! If avoiding milk does it for her then we'll avoid! I'm going to start her on rice milk when we get home. I've always liked it and it's good for you. I can get it in several flavors too. I've heard that soy milk isn't good because it has a lot of estrogen in it and can cause early feminine issues and I want to avoid that at all costs! Plus I think it's fairly high in sugar and we want to avoid that too!!! Hopefully this is the answer to our problem!

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  1. I hope she starts feeling better with this milk!