Friday, February 26, 2010


I took Gianna to the doctor this morning. She was throwing up last night again and she was running a temp. of 104 last night. Scared me to death really. We ended up crashing on the couch last night but didn't get much sleep again. I think I need a nap today!
She was running a fever of 104.4 at the dr.'s office and she was just absolutely miserable. They checked a urine sample and took blood. The dr. told me that her white blood count was really high like he had expected and her urine was really "dirty". He said she has a severe bladder AND kidney infection. He said he can't say exactly why this is happening but they'll explore that later once she's starting to feel better. They gave her a two shots of an IV antibiotic that is supposed to kick in and start making her feel better. She seems to be feeling a lot better already - she actually ate some applesauce so that's good. She's so weak from not eating. She has gone from weighing almost 30lbs before Christmas down to just over 25lbs. now. I keep pumping her full of fluids as much as I can. I went and bought some Pedilyte today hoping that will help her too.
We go back to the dr. in the morning and he'll check her temp. again - he was concerned at how high her fevers were. I'm supposed to keep a eye on it too and make sure it doesn't get too high again. And they'll decide then what kind of antibiotic to start her on. And then we'll go from there about following up and figuring out what is causing this. Someone recently mentioned to me about a bladder reflux issues - where the bladder actually kicks urine back into the kidneys. I'm going to start researching and trying to find some info on it. Because something isn't right and I don't think it's an external source either. It's some internal.
I included a couple of pictures my sis took of her yesterday while we were at the house - you'd never know she was running a fever and hurting when these were taken. I thought they were so cute! But you can see how heavy her eyes look though....I'm so glad she's starting to feel better already. It's so nice to hear her laugh! Hoping for some good sleep tonight too......
Tomorrow is my girl's day out! If we can get Gianna taken care of in the morning I'll be heading out for some "therapy" with my girl afterwards!!!! Yay!!!

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  1. Im am so glad she is feeling better! I hope this is the end of it! I know her being sick on and off has taken a toll on you emotionally and physically! Its so pitiful to see babies sick! I hope she gets back to her cute, silly self!