Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sick again.

Gianna is sick again. I am so overwhelmed by it all. It seems this is happening so much lately. If she's not sick in one way she's sick in another. She's run fevers off and on for over a month now. Usually a little Tylenol will knock it out and she's good to go but it still doesn't seem normal to me. I keep taking her to the dr. and they find some common reason (cold, bladder infection, stomach bug, etc.) I took her off of milk recently and that seems to have fixed the continual belly aches. But last night when we were out to dinner she kept saying she had to go to the potty and seemed to have diarrea again but she ended up eating her dinner of eggs and bacon so I thought she was fine. Last night she went to bed with a slight fever, woke up in the middle of the night with a raging one and had wet the bed so I had to clean all that up and get her some Tylenol. She woke up this morning with another fever and has now proceeded to throw up three times. All my blankets, pillows and sheets are in various piles through the house waiting their turn to be washed. After this is all over I've got to completely air out my house, it seems to be holding onto sickness lately. I feel so awful for her, I know she feels terrible and I can't seem to fix it, no one can. I'm hoping this is just a 12 hr. bug that will move on soon and she'll be back to normal. I know this weather doesn't help anything. If she isn't better tomorrow I'm taking her to the dr. to make sure she doesn't have an ear infection. She keeps telling me her cheek hurts. I just want her to be strong and healthy again. I feel like lately she's on the verge of being sick again all the time. She's always been a little more prone to catching stuff, I think her immune system is a little weak. But lately it just seems a lot more then normal. I wish I had a different dr. to take her to because the ones at our pedi.'s just seem to brush me off. Slap some quick diagnoses on it and don't take a look at the big picture.....I'm not sure what to do anymore. I just know it kills me to see her feels so awful yet again.

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  1. Im sorry.. I hope she just has that bug thats going around. I will be praying for little Miss GI and you!