Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sugar & Spice & Everything nice!

My daughter is beautiful. In my eyes she is absolutely stunning. I find her to be perfection even though she has flaws. I find her simplistic love for life touching, her joy in simple pleasure refreshing and her devoted love for me and her daddy overwhelming! She has her days for sure, as all of us do. Some days her ceaseless questions can start to get on my nerves but I know that's just me and not her - she is a blank slate. She is learning every day. Her only way to know is to ask. I love nothing more then when she comes up to me on her own and says I love you, Mommy! Or to hear her tell her daddy the same thing! It makes my heart feel overwhelmed! I watch her create shapes and mold her ideas with her play-dough, or create towers with her building blocks and I can't believe she's so far along in life already. Her third birthday is approaching and sometimes I can't believe she's been here for so long already and in some ways I try to remember back when I didn't know her. My life was different without, yes, but she has created a new dimension in my heart. A love, devotion, compassion, nurturing side of me I didn't know I had. My heart aches when she is sick or in pain. There isn't anything I wouldn't do to be able to take that on myself instead, even if it's just a little cold or stomach bug. She is silly, funny, bright, and wild. She's also stubborn, independent and quick to be frustrated with herself. But I love even those things about her because they make her who she is. She has taught me patience and how to be unselfish and to think of someone before I ever think of myself. Nothing pleases me more then to give her something I know she will love - seeing that smile on her face makes me so happy! Today when we got home from a long day out I gave her a little three pack of Spongebob Valentine suckers and she was so thrilled!!! She has proceeded to thank me for them not once but twice on her own! It amazes me how a $1 item can brighten her day so much - at least for right now! Lol!
I have posted a picture of her that I just love! My sister took it the other night when I made Gianna that tutu. Some might argue that Gianna is too old to have her picture taken without her shirt on but for the moment she is still my baby and I love the innocence and happiness this photo spells out for me. Gianna spent 30 minutes just dancing around in her tutu and it made me happy to see her happy!
We aren't having any more children - Gianna is our one and only. I've only ever one time had a second thought about not having anymore and I can honestly say it didn't last very long! Gianna was recently introduced to her friend's new little sister who is so tiny and Gianna has been enthralled! I explained to her that the baby is a "little sister", well, later on Gianna was playing upstairs with her daddy and she picked up her baby doll and told him it was her baby sister! For a split second I thought that maybe we should have had a sibling for her but I know that's not what my heart really desires. Gianna is SO loved and she is surrounded by plenty of people who love and entertain her! I love giving my undivided attention to her - and that's just me. I never judge those who have or want more then one child! I admire them greatly! I come from a large family and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that but I know for me Gianna is all I want or need! She is my darling little girl and I couldn't ask for more.


  1. She is absolutely beautiful! And such a bubbly, spunky little girl! I know you are so proud to be her mommy :)

  2. She's an adorable baby girl :) Definitely not too old to enjoy dancing freely like she is! I love the picture.