Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Some random thoughts - just stuff going through my head that I thought I would just get out!

My 1st random thought is this - why is it so many people preach moving forward and forgetting the past yet they hold on to the past so tight they could get past it if they tried? They move on yet still hold on to things that happened to them and can't let them go. Then they wonder why the same things keep happening to them over and over. I admit that I've held on to things sometimes but for the most part I never try to stick people into a mold of failure and imperfection. If I carry around a "mold" of the people who have failed me in the past and I continue to shove everyone into that "mold" things are bound to never change or get better for me.....

2nd random thought - I hate throw up! I hate hearing people throw up, I hate seeing it and I hate cleaning it up. Even when it's my own child I still have such a hard time! And today Gianna has "graced" me with her and then my cat has decided to contribute his as well. Ugh, it's nasty day. I need a serious shower and a serious airing out of this house. I'm about to go upstairs and open Gianna's windows and spray everything down with Lysol!

3rd random thought - I just finished a really good book by Dennis Lahane. It was called Shutter Island. It's the book that the new DeCaprio movie is based on. I wasn't interested in seeing it because it looked like a horror film and I'm not into that at all. Suspense, yes, but horror and gore, no. But after reading the book I'm a little more interested in seeing it. It has such a twist in it! I won't tell you what it is in case you still want to see it. I hate when someone ruins the end of a movie for me before I ever see it! But if you like suspense and drama it might actually be pretty good - IF they stuck to the real story line.

4th random thought - I recently watched the WORST movie ever! Lol! I got it on recommendation from some people I knew and was really excited to see it but it ended up being a complete flop and failure! The Covenant! If you haven't seen it don't bother! Lame story line, cheap acting and a bunch of stuck up kids! The ending sucked as well!

5th random thought - I am now only 8 pounds away from my goal weight. Well, my original goal weight and I'll be thrilled to get to it! But I have set a new goal for myself and it's five more pounds after I hit my goal weight so I guess technically I have a totally of 13lbs to go but for now I'm sticking with just getting to my first goal weight. I've learned that you have to set yourself one main goal but then smaller goals along the way because if you just keep looking at that big goal it will become way to overwhelming and that's why a lot of people give up. I don't weigh much, I normally just watch my inches but occasionally when I'm out at my parents they have a accurate scale and I'll weigh. So since starting Insanity 37 days ago I have lost 7lbs and 6 inches overall!!! It's made all the sacrifices when it comes to eating so worth it and it gives me motivation to keep doing my work outs!

6th random thought - I love oranges!!! Lol! I could eat oranges all day long, no joke. I liked oranges before but ever since I was preggo with Gianna I could eat them every day! I must be lacking when it comes to Vitamin C or something!

7th random thought - I'm so excited about summer! I'm so ready for a tan!!! Hoping my parents get their pool fixed before summer because I know Gianna will have a blast playing in the pool. She enjoyed it last year but was still a little scared to venture out on her own but I think this year she'll totally go for it! I love soaking up the sunshine! Excited about summer clothes, especially for Gianna. All the little shorts, tank tops, sun dresses and cute shoes!!!! WeeRuns is coming up soon and thanks to my best bud I get to go to the "pre-sale" they do for people who are selling clothing. We love going together, it's fun having girls close to the same age and size because we can talk and compare while we shop!

8th Random thought - Looking forward to a little time for myself this week. Tonight I'm going to my mother's Mary Kay's always nice to get out, see people and have a little pampering time. I've got to order new mascara and lip gloss. I love make up! Even if you only wear a little it's totally worth the time - the way it makes you feel and look! I don't understand people who don't wear make up or say they don't have time for it. I do ALL of my make up (which is fairly extensive!) in less then 10 minutes every day. I love playing around with make up and seeing how I can change my look with it!
Also looking forward to going out with my bestie on Saturday! Hitting up a cool, hip Chinese place that I've been raving to her about! I think she'll love it! Then a good girly flick - we are thinking Dear John. And maybe hitting up a couple of stores! I am SO excited, it's been forever since we've been out together and she is so much fun! I always come back feeling refreshed after hanging out with her!

So those are the random things going through my head today! Making some black bean soup for lunch with turkey and avocado sandwiches. If it turns out yummy, like I think it will, I'll share the recipe later. It's very simple, quick and low calorie!


  1. I love being random... lol Super excited about this weekend! I have been eating these clementines called "Little Cuties" and they are the best thing ever!

  2. Alaythea, have you been inside my mind recently. I read the first random thought of yours and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I am still struggling with letting go of some past wounds. I have forgiven....but moving on and forgetting them is easier said than done. Just wanted to say thanks for the randomness....I hear you.....completely!