Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So tomorrow is Gianna's "big" day at the hospital. I've been scared since we found out she had to have it done. I hate hospitals and going to the dr. but I'm an adult and I know that the pain won't last forever and that they have to do it to make you better, etc. But Gianna doesn't know. All she knows is that some stranger in inflicting pain on her and I'm not stopping it. And I hate that. I hate the way she cries and looks at me and screams "They're hurting me real bad...." It absolutely breaks my heart and makes me sick to my stomach. I try so hard to be brave for her......I just want to get it over with. I read up on the test they are going to do and maybe that wasn't a good plan. It freaked me out even worse. I can't imagine how this is going to traumatize Gianna. I sat her down and showed her pictures of the big X-Ray machine and showed her x-rays of kidneys. And I "explained" the procedure to her and she teared up. Great. That makes me feel even worse. I can see now that's all she's thinking about and worrying about. Maybe I shouldn't have told her but I don't like to "surprise" her either. I think that's almost worse. I told her after it's all done we'll take her McDonald's for lunch and then to Wal-Mart to pick out a toy. I know that doesn't really "fix" anything or make the procedure any less scary but I feel like I need to make the day seem happy at the end.....I don't want that to be her memory of the day. But this is what I've read about the test she is going to have (VCUG). For those of you who have children you will understand why this is so scary for me to have to sit through and watch. I'm sick to my stomach just thinking about it and after I lay Gi down for a nap I think I may have a good cry too. I just don't do well with this kind of thing......


The technologist will ask why the VCUG is being performed and explain the procedure to you and your child. The bladder will need to be catheterized for this exam. Your child will need to lay on the x-ray table with his/her legs in a "Frog Position" or "Butterfly Position". The technologist will wipe down the urethral area with three to four cotton balls soaked in "Brown Soap", which is an iodine based cleaning agent, and one cotton ball soaked in water. The soap may feel a bit cool. Once the area is cleaned, a tiny feeding tube or catheter will be placed into your child's bladder. Your child may feel some pressure, and the sensation or urge to urinate. As a relaxation technique during this process, we will ask your child to "blow out birthday candles", or to take in big deep breaths. Once the catheter is placed we will secure the tube to your child's leg with a piece or two of tape and the exam will begin.

The catheter will be connected to a bottle of iodinated contrast material that will be visualized on the x-ray screen. The contrast material will flow through the urinary catheter into your child's bladder. The radiologist will pull the fluoro tower over your child and take several x-rays. Your child will be asked to roll side to side periodically, and told to hold the contrast in even though they may feel the urge to urinate. Once the bladder is full, the radiologist will ask your child to urinate while still on the table. (Small children and infants will probably urinate on their own.) We may supply a bedpan or a urinal, and/or sprinkle warm water on your child to help stimulate him/her to urinate. Once your child starts to urinate, more x-rays will be taken. While your child is urinating, the catheter will slide out without your child feeling any discomfort. A few additional x-rays will be obtained to complete the study. This exam, including preparation process, takes an average of 20 to 30 minutes.

Due to the personal nature of the exam, your child may feel uncomfortable and/or embarrassed. Please assure your child that you will be with him/her the entire time.


  1. I wonder if you are allowed to give her any kind of medication that might help ease the stress on her, like Benadryl or something similar to that? This isn't exactly what Alyssa had done cause they just left her's in long enough to get a urine sample, and no x-rays. What exactly are they checking for in this procedure?

  2. They check to see if the urine if refluxing back up into the kidneys, Sarah. It's "possibly" what's causing her infections. If the uretha(sp?) is too big it can cause that to happen....

  3. I hope Gianna's test goes well tomorrow...and I will definitely be praying for you both! :)

  4. I know this is an old post, but when I hear parents saying that they know how traumatic it will be, but they're still doing it anyway, I feel compelled to say something...I've had severe PTSD for 30 years now from a VCUG. I have flashbacks every day, among several other problems. It destroyed me.

    I hope you dont mind me adding a link, but Im on a mission to force them to stop doing VCUGs. If you, or anyone else reading this, would like some truthful information about what the child actually experiences during a VCUG, and how it can break them forever, my site is StopVCUGTrauma .com

    I hope your daughter didn't suffer as I did, and won't have to live her life traumatized as I have.

    1. Hey, I'd like to contact someone who had a VCUG in childhood as well. I do also suffer from this procedure... Unfortunately, the website StopVCUGTrauma does not exist anymore :/