Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another day, and a few less dollars!

So we are off to find a pinata' today for Gianna's birthday party! Looks like we're heading up to Spartanburg to the Party City there because I can't find one around here. I want to make sure it kinda goes with the "theme" too of a Fiesta. Not necessarily Dora but certainly fiesta themed and I thought this donkey one was so cute! I like the "idea" of pinata but at the same time it kinda weirds me out that we are going to be smacking this poor thing with a bat! Lol! I'm too sensitive about that I guess. But I'm going to fill it with candy and small toys and give each child a little bag to collect goodies instead of doing actual gift bags. Should be a fun time! I finished Gianna's tutu last night. It's adorable and turned out a lot better then I had even hoped. She is going to look so sweet in it! The weekend is almost here! Fri- Sun is going to be so fun and SO busy but I'm looking forward to spending time with wonderful friends and family celebrating the life of my sweet little girl - what could be better?!

PARK TIME - March 16, 2010

We spent some time at the park last night and D brought her camera and snapped a few pictures. She's great at getting good angles on things, I love her shots! Of course Gianna looks so cute with her little pigtails. She had fun getting out! We didn't get to go with our besties yesterday because my best friend got sick and wasn't able to bring her girls but we'll do it again soon. But since I had promised Gianna park time - and she's at that age where she DOES NOT forget what you tell her - we went around 6pm yesterday and had a little fun!
So we are off for the day - well, after I work out and clean up, can't leave without doing that! Tomorrow is my Day 60! I'm going to finish out the week but tomorrow I will have completed a full around of Insanity! Monday starts my second round!!!

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  1. Gi is so cute! Im glad yall had fun at the park yesterday! I can't wait to get Emma out and playing! Finding a pinata should be fun! Party city had some good ones when we were looking for Emmas last year. Have a great day!