Thursday, March 11, 2010

And we are off.... eat dinner because it's our "Friday night"! Beej is excited that he doesn't have to work tomorrow night at Outback so we're going to celebrate by going to eat dinner at Outback! Lol! Not the one he just quit at but another one. Because since we don't get a discount now it's the same thing. I think we may also swing by Old Navy and let me try on some jeans. I wanted to be in a size 4 by Gianna's party and I'm SO close but I'm not sure I'm quite there yet. I check the measurements for a size 4 at Old Navy and according to their measurements my hips are an inch smaller then their hip measurements for a 4 but a couple of inches too big for the waist measurements of their 4. Sooooo....I'm just going to go see how close I am! Lol! I'm not the kind to squeeze into jeans just so I can say I "wear" that size. I hate jeans being too small and tight. Nothing is more uncomfortable or more unflattering but at the same time all my size 6's are practically falling off of me and I hate that too - they are sagging in the butt now and that is so not cute! Lol! I guess it could be worse! Haha! I've worked SO hard to get here, I'm nervous about actually gettin to my goal because after that it's all about maintaining and to me that will be even harder then actually trying to reach your goal. Because it's so easy to slip back into old habits once you look like you want or you are close to it. So I'm kinda freaking out inside about that but I know I can do it, just gotta find the will power again!

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