Friday, March 19, 2010


It's here, finally! The weekend has arrived in all it's anticipated glory! I have been looking forward to this Fri-Sun. for a few months now. I'm just hoping it goes as smoothly and as wonderfully as I have envisioned in my mind. I have so much to do but it's going to be fun! I got in bed later then normal last night, not good. But we did go get Gianna's birthday presents last night and I know she'll be thrilled! Also picked up the rest of the party we are going shopping for all the food! We are going to have everything Mexican - tacos, burritos, fajitas, chips & dip, etc. I'm so excited to see the cake too!
My bestie and I are headed off to WeeRuns tonight, we have been talking about this since January and we are beyond excited! We've always found great deals and great stuff there. I recently heard someone comment that they never found anything of good quality there....I guess they save all the good quality stuff for girls! Lol! Although I do know girls aren't nearly has hard on clothes as boys are so they tend to wear better and last longer. I'm looking for summer dresses and shirts and summer shoes. Gianna has plenty of winter shoes but not a lot of summer ones. It's so fun finding such cute stuff for such a cheap price.....
After that we are going to go get some dinner somewhere - I love going to dinner with my bestie, next to my husband she is my favorite dinner "date". We have such a good time talking about everything and nothing. We just seem so comfortable with each other and I love that! It's so refreshing!
Then we are off to do girly stuff - like stand in line for the New Moon dvd! I love that she is so passionate about Twilight that she's willing to drive and stand in line for the dvd's! It makes me feel better about how much I love the story and characters! We are waiting with money in hand for the tickets for Eclipse to on sale and we'll be standing in line for hours to see the movie when it comes out. I can't wait!!! I'm so excited about summer this year - for some reason the same things we do every year seem so much more exciting this coming year. Maybe because I seem to have a fresh out look on life lately....I just feel more appreciative and alive. It's a good thing!
But here's to Friday (*toast*!) and the fun to come!!! Thank God for good girl friends!!!!


  1. YAY for friday :) We are going to have a blast tonight! I can't wait for the shopping and "girlie" stuff! lol Who wouldn't stand in line for New Moon? : D Eclipse is going to be amazing *insert tween scream here*

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