Tuesday, March 9, 2010


There is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING I hate more then a liar. It angers me so much when people lie - not only to me but to other people or even to themselves. It angers (and also amuses me to some degree....) when I watch people step into situations where they are being lied to and they are so blissfully unaware of it, for the moment at least. Even if it's not someone I really care for myself I still don't want them to be hurt later on.
I recently dealt with someone who is, well, in all honesty (lol!) is a straight up, bold face liar. They constantly belittled and put down people they didn't like or thought were "beneath" them. Made fun of them to my face and now suddenly they are "buddies" with those very people. If they truly like them and want to be friends that doesn't bother me. But it does bother me that they either lied to my face or they are lying to those people. Or maybe a little bit of both. Who knows. But either way it angers and bothers me. I know that this person is only friends with these people because they truly think they are better and it makes them feel good to "hang out" with people who make them feel good about themselves. But I have to sit by and watch these people be discarded when they are no longer serving their purpose of making someone feel good about who they are (or aren't.). But if you try to warn someone they see you as the evil one - if they ONLY knew!
Well, I just had to vent! I recently found out that this "person" is hanging out with someone who they put down and belittled and made fun of and refused to hang out with when I suggested it. Doesn't that just eat at you? When you try to encourage a friendship but it's not good enough until that person pretends to WANT it. Lol! Oh, well. I guess I shouldn't care either way - like I said I just hate seeing people be used, like I've been used before.....
I'm off to spend the night at my parents house - because it's "SURPRISE" day tomorrow and I'm so pumped! My little sis is going with me to get "it"!!! Oh YEAH!!!!

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