Saturday, March 6, 2010

The smell of Spring....

Today it's so beautiful outside! I love seeing and feeling the sunshine, finally. My hubby got out and played some basketball with a friend of his and I took Gianna to the park to play for a bit and we had lunch while we were there. Well, she didn't! She was to eager to play and didn't want to eat. It was really crowded though, everyone is excited about pretty weather I guess. I just can't get over some people kids, the way they let them act and how nasty they look. I mean, I don't expect every child to be in designer clothes or anything but you can at least wash them and wipe their faces and noses. Ugh. They look like walking germs. And kids are so mean, I guess because Gianna is tiny and usually the smallest kid on the playground they all like to boss her around and pick on her. And she is just so sweet in return, she doesn't understand they are being ugly! But she got to get a little energy out and soak up a little sunshine. It's going to be nice out tomorrow too so we'll have to take advantage of that and hit up the playground again.

Enjoyed my workout today - it's one I really like! Cardio Core and Balance. It's a great workout, a lot of balancing but moving fast at the same time to keep your heart rate up. Some days it's hard for me to get motivated but today I wanted to get it done because tomorrow is my day off and whew, am I ready for it! The past few days have been really tough, I've had to really push myself to work out and eat right. I've just wanted to be lazy and eat junk! Lol! But I haven't given in...*sigh* But I have decided that I will let myself splurge on Gianna's birthday. I think I need a splurge day. My 60 days will be up by then anyway, so I'll have completed my goal! But I'm not stopping, I'm going to do another round of Insanity and do the same eating program I've been on. I'm so close to looking like I really want, yet it seems pretty far off too! So I've still got work to do and then there is maintaining afterwards. I've just had to reconcil myself to the fact that this is going to my lifestyle from now on - exercising and eating right will be what I do from now on. I can't expect to lose weight and get healthy and then just stop and expect myself to stay in shape. I see people all the time who work so hard to lose weight and then totally give it up and go right back to where they were before. Granted, I know it's hard! Very hard! I struggle DAILY! People think that because you do it, and you continue to do it that it's easy for you but it's not, I'm not sure it'll ever be easy for me. But it's something I really want at this point in my life. I recently saw a picture of someone who I used to be "motivation partners" with (lol!) and I'm surprised that she's just let go of all the hard work she had originally put into getting healthy and fit. It's not my business I guess but I just know how it feels to work so hard on something and I can't imagine just giving it up and going right back to where you were before and be miserable again. Even though we are not longer motivating each other - we've gone different directions in our lives now - I still hope that at some point it clicks. I want it to "click" for everyone - eatin right and exercising isn't ONLY about being hot or looking great (although it's about that too!), it's about feeling good about yourself and being fit. It's about being healthy and teaching your children to be the best they can be. I dont want Gianna growing up and watching me be insecure and hating myself.....I want her to see someone working hard on themselves and being the best they can be. And that applies in a lot more things then just exercising and eating right. I want her to see that in me in every aspect of my life. I'm still learning, and I'm sure I'll be learning til the day I die!

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  1. I am so proud of you that you have stuck with this and keep working towards your goals! You are an inspiration to me! You look great! Congratulations girlie on all your victories and more to come!