Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Big Smile!

Lately I've had a lot of people telling me I'm angry and unhappy. And it's so funny because I personally feel like I'm actually the happiest I've been in a long time. Maybe me being happy with myself has made me more confident to speak up and point out things when I see them. Who knows - but I do feel like people ignore my "happy" posts. The ones about the great days and times I've spent with my family, the fun places we've visited or gone, Gianna's birthday, how much I love my husband and child (and old friends). How excited I am for things coming up this year, etc. No one comments on those but just as soon as I post a blog that's not all sunshine and roses they jump on me. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that has bad days or see things that's other might not see the same way. Yet I'm painted as the bad guy (or gal!). Why is that? I don't post ugly comments when I read a blog, if I don't have anything nice to say or can't point out something in a constructive, non-bashing kind of way then I just don't say it. I don't go an purposely start things with other people. I've never openly bashed anyone, I usually generalize things so that they can apply to anyone or anything. I want to write from a view point where the reader can understand the situation in their own lives. Plus I do have enough tact to not name people, although someone has told me I should go ahead and name names, I can't make myself be that disrespectful. There are alot of bloggers out there who are probably a lot angrier and meaner then I am about stuff - and there are bloggers who only choose to blog on their "happy" days. I try to do a little bit of both. But all the posts you see on here isn't my entire life, it's not all my thoughts, it's not all my dreams, etc. It's just a small don't assume by reading the posts I put up that this is my entire being. There are so many more aspects to my life then the once or twice a day I blog on here.
So now that's been said - I am happy today! Lol! I love sunshiny mornings. It makes me feel even more energized and motivated. I always work out in the mornings because that's when I feel the most equipped mentally to do it. Gianna usually watches some cartoons while I do it, I'm thankful she is well behaved enough to allow me an hour or so to work out. Working out makes me happy, it makes me feel accomplished and full of energy. I find that if I skip my work out I actually feel like I'm lagging through my day. I'm excited about this second round of Insanity, I know if I really concentrate on it hard like I did with the first round I'm going to see awesome results again! After this I'm thinking about trying Shaun T.'s Hip Hop Abs just to make sure my core area is good and tight and FLAT!!!
I'm really excited about going shopping Friday - both of my sisters are going and another young lady that I'm excited to get to know a little better! It's going to be a fun, girlie time! I'm looking forward to getting some summer clothes and shoes finally. Yesterday was pretty warm and all I've got is "winter" stuff. It made me jealous of everyone walking around in shorts and flip flops and sandals! All my shorts from last summer literally fall off of me when I try them on. That's a good thing in my mind but still, I need some summer clothes. Praying for good deals at Plato's Closet!
Our air in the Jeep is fixed, as of right now and we are praying it stays that way!!! It wasn't the major problem they thought, at least that's what it looks like. We are praying it stays fixed especially since this weekend is supposed to be up in the 80's! Crazy! I'm pretty pleased it's fixed, we went all last summer with no air and that was pure torture - especially for my sweat prone child! She sweats like mad at the drop of a hat. And we ordered our new music equipment for the Jeep - now that has made me super duper happy! We are so tired of not being able to play the music we want when we drive places. It should arrive any day and they are going to install it Sat. morning! I see lots of car jamming in our future!!!! It's going to be a great summer!
So here's to the big smile on my face today! I'm happy, I feel good and I'm proud of where I am in life and looking forward to what the future holds!!!

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  1. (1) I'm not fond of the naming names either. Not only does it shade the person you're talking about into an ugly character but that shadow casts on you too. Just a random thought...I know you know this already that's why you don't 'name call!'

    (2)I'm very excited about going shopping Friday too! It's rare for me to get out with just girls and go shopping. Let me know the details, where we all need to meet up together and such and I'll surely be there.

    (3) YAY! on the AC in the Jeep. I'm with Gianna on the hot temps! lol I love being in the car, traveling, and listening to tunes for hours on end. I bet you are VERY excited about getting the new music equipment in there too.

    Enjoy your sunshiny day girl, and I'm gonna do the same! See you Friday!