Thursday, March 11, 2010


( Beautiful photo - love the pop of red!)
( I thought this might make our day a little brighter! Lol!)

Thursday is my "Friday". It's Beej's last day of work for the week, now that he quit working Friday nights at Outback it totally frees up a three day weekend again. I'm not sure if I could ever go back to him working 5 days a week anywhere. He's ready to get another music project going so he'll probably be using a day or so every weekend to work on that. I'm excited to hear what he does next, the first project was great but I think this next one will be even better!

Today I have no grand plans other then to work out (which is always my first priority 6 days a week.) and then clean out Gianna's room. Gotta get rid of some toys and some old clothes since she'll be getting more for her birthday coming up. We had decided long ago that we weren't going to keep every toy Gianna ever got, we didn't want them piling up and taking over the entire house. So every few months I go in there and clean out things. It's amazing how much stuff she has that she never touches. But when I go to get rid of it it's suddenly her favorite thing. Kids!

Her birthday is just about two weeks away. My lists are made and I've just got to go get everything! I need to find a pinata and I have to make goody bags and her tutu - dang, I gotta get on this stuff! I tend to wait til the last minute to get it all together officially. It's just all in my head until then. Beej is going to make a slideshow of her life from birth to now. And I'm going to schedule pictures with White Umbrella Photography soon for her 3 year pictures - I know they are going to be so artsy and cool! I think we may throw in some family pictures too.....

Gianna has had a slight lapse in night potty training lately. Which I kinda expected because she did this several times with day training too. She'd be doing great and then she'd lose it for a day or two and then be right back at it. So I'm expecting her to get right back to it here soon. I'm actually pretty pleased with her progress. It's been a long journey but we are pretty much there! And that was my goal - to have it pretty much down by her 3rd birthday.

This year her birthday is even more special because my family is coming from AL for this one. They try to make it up for every other one so they weren't here last year. I'm very excited about them being here and spending the weekend. The guys will get some golf in of course and I'm sure us girls will do a little shopping and just hang out some too. My aunt is 16 weeks pregnant now - due at the end of August. It's still kinda surreal because last time she was pregnant I was pregnant with her! Not that I want to be pregnant again but it's odd that she is now. We are keeping our fingers crossed for a boy - I know they want another boy! I think Ava has even stated she'd like a brother too.

So it's all nasty and rainy now which is what spring brings a lot of time - a few sunny days and then a few days of rain and blah-ness. I hate rainy days, they make me feels tired and unmotivated. Something about sunshine makes me wanna do stuff, even if it's just at home. The past few sunny days even though I was stuck at home with no car I got a good bit done. Even managed to get out to the park across the street with Gianna which she just loved. She needs to get some energy out and being stuck in the house all day gets old. I do hope it's not nasty all weekend so we can get out and do some stuff. Maybe even another trip to downtown Greenville! We love that place and any excuse to go we'll make it!

Robert Pattinson's new movie comes out at midnight tonight, I'd love to see it but I doubt I'll get out to see it for a few more weeks. I think it's going to be a good movie and not just because Rob's gorgeous face is in it! Lol! It looks a good story line and it has some well known actors in it. There are so many things coming up to "do" that I have to kinda space myself out!

Here is a quote I heard the other day and totally loved. How true it is, even though we touch and are touched and we may think we forget a move on there are always the "fingerprints" left behind whether we can "see" them or not doesn't mean they aren't there. Be careful who you leave your fingerprints on and who leaves their on you - later on those fingerprints might get you into trouble! Lol!

"Our fingerprints don't fade from the lives we touch" - Remember Me

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  1. You do have a lot to do... What color are you doing her tutu? Are you still wanting me to make her a bow? I would be more than happy too! Of course you made my day brighter with that handsome man! lol Gotta love some RPattz :)