Sunday, March 28, 2010

Back to the grind....

I mentioned before that this week has been a little rough on my eating habits but I haven't gone totally off the deep end! I did continue to work out all week though, I missed yesterday because I was over at my parents house babysitting all day and it's just impossible to work out over there....but tomorrow I start my second round of Insanity and I'm back to super strict on myself. I've had a week "off" and I've eaten a few things I shouldn't have so I've had my little bit of fun and it's back to the grind tomorrow. Part of the problem is after Gi's party last week we've been eating leftovers and "cleaning" out all the food we had around here. Today I realized there was pretty much nothing left in my house! So we went grocery shopping today and did some major stocking up with all things healthy. Ok, well, Beej got a few unhealthy things but they are things I hate anyway so it's no big deal for me - like Almond Joys and Cap'N Crunch. Ugh. But I've stocked up on whole wheat bread, low fat cheese, cottage cheese, fruit, veggies and lean meats.
Beej mentioned a beach trip this summer! I'm over the moon excited! I don't know where or when exactly but it's in the works. I want to go to Gulf Shores hopefully but Florida would be good too. But I do not want to go to any of the NC or SC beaches. Nope. I wanna go to a really pretty beach where they have crystal clear water and white, powdery sand! *sigh* I can see it now - I know Gianna will be so excited and absolutely love it. We probably won't go until July or so and I plan to be totally fit by then and rockin' some cute swimsuits and sun dresses!!! It will be so fun to have a few days of totally relaxing and enjoying each others company and making wonderful memories!

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