Monday, March 8, 2010

Things I'm Into....(for the moment!)

The band Elbow - I was introduced to them when we bought tickets to see Coldplay last year. They were the opening band so I decided to check them out before we went and saw them live. I was so impressed! Love their sound, and Beej bought their most recent CD, The Seldom Seen Kid, yesterday and I've been listening to it today. It's SO good! I love Guy Garvey's (the lead singer)voice!

Peanut Butter toast - it's the one "splurge" I can have on this diet plan. I usually have it as an afternoon "snack" with a little sugar free jelly. I can only have a tablespoon or less but it's still such a nice treat to have!

Insanity - of course I'm still totally into working out! Some days it's harder then others but the way I feel afterwards is always worth it! I'm pleased with my results so far but I do want more now. Lol! I do know that the more fit you get the harder it starts becoming to lose weight. It comes off I'm having to work my tail off hoping to get that last 8lbs off. But it shall be done!

Razor back tank tops - now that I have that tattoo on my shoulder I want to show it off, well, and not to mentiom I've just always thought these kind of tank tops were cute! Just wasn't brave enough to wear them I guess but why not?! There's some adorable ones I've been checking out for summer time!

My Life As Liz - I accidentally ran across this show a few weeks ago. And totally fell in love with it! Liz is so quirky and funny. The show has been very interesting and fun. I am watching the finale tonight - hoping for a good ending! Lol!

Black finger nail polish - No, it's not goth or emo anymore. It's become a sophisticated color now. And I'm totally loving the way it looks - well, except that it stains my finger nails pretty bad but it's worth it I guess. But it's pretty hard to paint my own right hand!!!

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