Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Surprise Day

Today was my "surprise" day! I got to go to an actual salon and have my hair cut, colored and styled. It was so nice! I haven't been to actual salon for the "works" in a long time. Even though I do try to make time for myself and keep my looking nice sometimes my hair gets put on the back burner. I've kept it long and dark for awhile now - well, about 4 years now. And it was time for a change. I've been considering having it chopped off for a couple of weeks now. I work out so much now that I have to wash it, dry it and style is EVERY day and it takes about 45 minutes total every day. I do like being able to pull it up in a ponytail but I don't ever want to get to the point where that's all I do. I don't want to be a "ponytail mom". So I decided I wanted something a little more hip, trendy and tad bit rock n roll! So far, I'm liking it a lot! I think it'll be great when working out because it'll be off my neck, it'll take A LOT less time to dry and style and it'll be cute and fun for the summer. The pictures don't do it justice, or so my best friend and hubby say. They say it's a lot cuter in person! Lol! The tips are dyed a rich burgundy red, just a little pop of color! Once it fades a little I think I'm going to re-dye it an even brighter, fire engine red! My hubby says it's the best hair cut I've ever had - and I've had quit of few since I've known him! So that was my big surprise - maybe it wasn't that big for all of you but I was pretty attached to my hair. It's what made me feel girly, young and sexy. I didn't want to cut my hair short to look like a "mom do". But I've seen a lot of cute moms with short hair and I really like it and thought I'd give it a try. It'll always grow back, ya know. I didn't want to mention it on here because I figured someone might run out and chop theirs off again and color it just to do it before me! Lol! So I keep some things a secret for a bit.....
SO, SO, SO pumped up about seeing Mute Math again in a month - a month from today actually! We're probably going to make a weekend of it, just me and the hubby! That makes me even more excited! It'll be nice to not have to pack up Gianna and drive 6 hours with her and have to leave her overnight somewhere she isn't used to, etc. So I think we are going to get a hotel (I LOVE staying at hotels!) and just have fun at the concert, not rush back or anything. Hopefully meet the band again! That would be AWESOME! We'll hopefully have our new system put in the Jeep by then so we'll be able to play music straight off our iPods - woohoo! We have a lot of great music that we don't have on CD's so this will be great. We love to turn on our favorite music and bands and crank it up and sing a long. I'm so glad Beej and I have a love of music, good music in common!
I skipped my work out today, shame on me but I just didn't get it in. I'll make it up on Sunday though! I'm eager to get back to working out tomorrow. I feel awful when I skip. I'm excited to see what the second round of Insanity does for me! Today was day 52 so I'm almost to the end of the first 60 days! I can't believe I've made it with only two days skipped, including today! I'm proud of myself, not in a vain kinda way but in a I've worked pretty darn hard kinda way! And it feels good - I'm glad I've helped inspire a few people a long the way too. I had people who inspired and helped me so if I can do the same for others then that makes me feel great!
Saw a teaser for Eclipse today - so dang short! It was more torture then teaser! I am so excited about seeing it, especially since my "Twilight Buddy" will be with me this time - seeing New Moon without her just wasn't the same. This one is going to be so much more romantic but just as frustrating as New Moon in some ways.....I'm eager for Breaking Dawn already! It's amazing watching the books come to "life" on the screen. Putting "breath" in Edward via Robert Pattinson was the greatest thing EVER! Haha!!! I'm so glad my hubby is Ok with my celebrity crushes.....!!!!
I'm living such a great life right now! I wouldn't trade it - it's has it's down's, as everything does but the up's are so much greater! I'm so blessed and loved, I'm happy. The few months over the holidays and New Year were kinda "restless" for me, for my heart really. I was struggling with a lost friendship that I missed dearly, and dealing with a "friendship" that was destroying me as a person. I'm so glad I got those two things work out - regaining my dear friend and shaking off a "leech" so to speak. Good things keep happening to me!!! Hooray for March!

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  1. Im so happy for you! You guys will have a great time see Mute Math as you always do! Your hair looks great! And I could scream Im so excited about Eclipse! lol